Newsletters – 06/12/2021




(please wear a mask if not vaccinated)

Dear Strand Fan, 

Well we have an event under our belts!    The 2021 Excel graduation was held at the Strand on Thursday June 10.   It was a success.    Thank you to the Excel Center for working with us since January, and not knowing whether it would happen until mid May.  

Fun – Yes!   Easy – No.    We started the past few weeks getting the theater ready.   That went well, except for the flood in the concessions area.  Our Coke machine water supply line sprang a leak.   We got it shut off and the mess cleaned. 

This past weekend we worked on our equipment.   It rebelled on not being used for over a year.    First was the projection.   We had a picture, but no sound.  Then we had sound, and no picture.   Finally after a few hours of work, we had a picture AND sound.   Amazing.   

Then came the sound board.  Ron Bush spent an evening cleaning, adjusting and testing.   All good, or so we thought.  On The day of the event a nasty buzz occurred in our stage right channel.   After lots of effort, consultation, and some naughty words the culprit was found…a loose cable.   The cable just so happened to be in a spot that was practically inaccessible because of the stage renovation.  That just made it all the more fun.

The event started.  Projection worked perfectly.   Sound in rehearsal worked perfectly.   Sound that night, not so good.   One of our wireless microphones (always new batteries) flaked out on us.   Thank goodness we had a spare on stage.  Problem solved and no one noticed.    

The good news is that all 6 auditorium HVAC units worked perfectly.  Everyone was comfortable, and guess what…that made us comfortable too.     It has been a long sleep from March 8, 2020 to June 10, 2021.   Let’s say goodbye to that chapter.    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. 

We have a work session Saturday.   Still a slow march forward on our stage. We hope you can help.   

Costaki Econompolous, the biggest name in comedy, will perform at the Strand on Saturday September 18, 2021.   We have no restrictions for the health department.   We will be getting more out on this event in the coming weeks.   Our marquee barely holds his name!

We are applying for the federal dark stages grant.   This is still a very fluid program.   Here is what we know:

The SVOG program is being removed from the current SBA department and will now be managed by the same SBA team that successfully launched the restaurant relief program. In making this shift, the SBA seems to finally be treating SVOG as an emergency relief program rather than a grant program.

Almost all of the current DNP Holds which have held up thousands of applications are being removed and those applications will move forward without delay.

Changes are being made to the SBA’s 4506T corrections process to hopefully clear up current confusion with that document.

The SBA indicated that we should see momentum in grant award announcements soon.

Finally, the SBA indicated that they might let go of the partial disbursement policy in favor of fully funding all applications as soon as possible.

Let’s hope they all get it settled and maybe we could get a little support.    We need it.   

Thank you for YOUR support.   You make the Strand possible.   See you at the Strand.