Newsletter – 05/08/2020

Dear Strand Fan, 

Here are ways to help…

It is POPCORN TIME!    We are hosting DRIVE BY POPCORN at the STRAND on Friday May 15, 2020.   We will be curbside ready to sell our tasty Strand Popcorn.   We will be selling from 6-8pm.    Our popcorn machine is looking forward to getting back in action.   Friday the 15th is movie night.   Enjoy it at home with Strand Popcorn.  

Get your genuine “Been There, Done That” Strand tumbler.  You can order below:

Your tumbler will work better when you are wearing your Strand “Been There, Done That” T-Shirt.  You can order below:

The Strand receives revenue from each of the above purchases.   Thank you to board member Jodi O’Neill who coordinated with Michelle Nolley and Sharp Trophies by Mack to arrange the items for sale.    The popcorn will be made by master popper Steve Frazee.   Rhonda Schwegman will be curbside serving the delicious treat.


We are on our way back!   The respite is over, and the work begins.   Work?  What kind of work?   

The Strand has been closed since March 10.   Our schedule is out the window.   We now have a blank slate for the remainder of the year.   Why?  First, we do not know when we will reopen.  Second, when we do open, will we have an audience attend, volunteers?   Third, most of the performances that were booked have canceled.  

The regional and national acts are not traveling.  We had one entertainer decide to retire!   The Strand’s schedule is set 12-18 months in advance.   Rebooking 2020 is something different.

Here is what we do know.    We will make an announcement on June 1 concerning a few performances in June, July, and August.     The Shelby County Players re-booked their musical BABY for the first week in September.    In order to have a firm grasp on the schedule, each of our performance groups needs to be contacted and re-confirm.    It is a long process.

On the bright side we have a potential movie shoot in the Strand in August.  That will be fun to see us on the big screen again.   Other organizations that need to social distance to conduct their work are looking at the Strand as well.

Finally thank  you again to the Blue River Community Foundation for their generous support.   We received our emergency funding this week.   With their help we are slowly seeing the light at the end of the financial tunnel.  BRCF Executive Director writes:

The BRCF Rapid Relief grants provide needed funds to keep our important organizations, like the Strand, afloat during this time when they have had no event revenue. We hope that by providing these funds, when our community is open again and we are again enjoying live performances, the Strand volunteers can get back to doing what they do best and not have the added burden of making up a financial deficit due to the closures of the past months.

Stay Safe.  Follow us on Social Media.   Buy popcorn, tumblers, and T-Shirts.   Most importantly thank you for the support.    See you at the Strand!