Newsletter – 2/10/2023

Dear Strand fan,

It is nice to be back up and in operation. We had a wonderful concert on Wednesday night by the Shelbyville High School Band Department. The concert featured many student musicians doing solos and small ensemble pieces.

We also heard from the beginning band, concert band, and wind band. Thank you to Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Montgomery and to all the talented students for their excellent program.

On Thursday, we continued our support of Advantage Shelby County by hosting their new student orientation. Over 100 attended this first round. This is an extremely important and beneficial program to the students of Shelby County. The Strand Theatre is proud to be a partner with Advantage Shelby County as well as providing volunteer opportunities for the students.

Tonight we have our first Friday Night Frights!  (Editor’s note: The following paragraph was written by artificial intelligence. We are testing ChatGPT by OpenAI to find its capabilities and to investigate where it falls in the art world. The following was generated after asking a simple question to describe the Universal Studios monster movies.   This is quite exciting, and for those of us who know our literature and history, equally terrifying. We will let you be the judge.)

“Universal Studios is well known for producing a series of iconic monster films in the 1930s and 1940s. These films, often referred to as the Universal Monsters, feature classic horror characters such as Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, and The Wolf Man. The Universal Monsters have had a lasting impact on popular culture and have been the subject of numerous adaptations, remakes, and homages in film, television, literature, and more.

Some of the most famous Universal Monsters films include “Dracula” (1931), “Frankenstein” (1931), “The Mummy” (1932), “The Invisible Man” (1933), and “The Wolf Man” (1941). These classic films continue to be beloved by audiences and are considered to be some of the most influential works in the history of horror cinema.” – ChatGPT

Tonight we are showing the 1931 film DRACULA. The movie starts at 7:30 PM and tickets are available at the door. Come sit in the balcony!

We are dark this weekend, and looking forward to our performances next week!   

On Wednesday, February 15, Shelby County Tourism presents their report to the community. Tourism is a wonderful partner and we are thrilled to be able to host their event. The program starts at 6 PM, it is free and we hope you can join us.

Come join the fun on Friday night February 17 at 8pm. MARDI GRAS NIGHT IN SHELBYVILLE takes the stage.  This event is now in its 7th year. Buck Rogers Jr and La Louisianne Band will provide New Orleans/Louisiana Mardi Gras music with a distinctive Hoosier flare.

The band is a 7 piece band that plays Louisiana originals covers of the greats in delta music like Louis Armstrong and Dr. John. This is a fun all ages show, children under 12 are free,with costumes welcome, prize giveaways, Mardi Gras beads and customs.  The late great Cajun chef Justin Wilson used to say “pass a good time”! Laissez Lez bon temps rouler”. Let the good times roll.  See you next Friday night. 

Saturday February 18 COSTAKI ECONOMOPOULOS will be on stage at the Strand.  Costaki is the biggest name in comedy, if you don’t believe it take a look at our marquee, his name barely fits!   He is funny and it will be a great show.  Please come support live entertainment at the Strand.  

This week Shelby County musician Dub Shrader passed away.  Dub was inducted in the Shelby County Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  His plaque (below) hangs in the lobby of the Strand.  We will miss Dub.  

It is always nice to have an audience back at the Strand.  We couldn’t do this without your support, thank you!   See you at the Strand!