Newsletter – 12/10/2022

Dear Strand Fan, 

Carpenter Christmas THIS SUNDAY!   The concert will put you in the holiday spirit.   A CARPENTERS CHRISTMAS  group is from Chicago and recreates the sounds we know and love from the Carpenters.   Plenty of tickets are available and you can buy them at the door!   We hope to see you there.   The concert starts at 7pm. 

Do you want to go to DONNIE BAKER?  Get your tickets soon.  We still have tickets available for the 9pm show.  You can buy them online or locally at Shelbyville Paint.    It will be fun and funny.   Be there…State Law!


Do you listen to WSVX radio?   Our entertainers are interviewed by Johnny McCrory on the morning show.   You can also listen to them online at  The Shelby County Post is the digital news source for GIANT fm Real Radio. The “Post” contains local news and sports coverage as well as local obituaries and podcasts from radio interviews on GIANT FM, heard at 96.5 fm, 106.3 fm, 1520 am or on the GIANT fm app.

Veteran journalist Jeff Brown and GIANT fm owner/radio personality Johnny McCrory produce much of the content published at the Shelby County Post, which has no pay wall and requires no subscription to view the stories. Combined, Brown and McCrory have more than 45 years of service covering news and sports in Shelby County. Both live in Shelbyville.

Do you read?   Of course you do, you are reading this.  Well we hope you read the Shelbyville News too.   Our entertainers are interviewed by Ross Flint.  His articles include pictures that help us get the word out for all the wonderful things that happen on our stage.  We always enjoy learning more about our performers from the get things that Ross writes.   

Do you read these emails on the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce site?  They faithfully re-broadcast our emails each week.    Thank you SCCC!


Our dressing room got an upgrade.   The dressing room is located under the stage.  It was one of our Covid projects.    The first performer to use the area was Heywood Banks.   We learned, on that VERY cold night, the heating capacity was insufficient to keep the space warm.   Fast forward to the summer.   We learned the AC was not getting the job done too.   The issue was airflow.  This past week we installed additional fans that force our conditioned air into that space.   So far so good, it seems to work!  Heywood will be happy. 


Last week our fountain Coke machine sprung a leak.   It was more like a geyser.  The sensor for the pump shutoff failed. There is no way we could have fixed this, so we called Coca Cola for emergency service.    Our repair technician said the system just keeps building up pressure until one of two things happened, either the fittings let go (which happened) or the safety valve blew.    Either way, big mess.  The only remedy is to shut off the water, power, and CO2.   That is what we did, and saved us a TON of mess.  Kudos to our quick thinking and quick reacting volunteers.   Below is a picture of the part that failed.


We are planning for our January work session.   The Strand has a full 2023 schedule that will start in February.    Our first year out of Covid, we are pleased with the results.   We look forward to being a bit more steady in the coming year.   

Thank you for your support.  See you at the Strand!