Newsletter – 12/04/2020

DECEMBER 5, 2020

9am – 1pm

Please wear a mask

Dear Strand Fan, 

Is it still 2020?  Seems like it should be 2055 by now.    

The Strand has been working along making the best out of the pandemic.   This email will discuss several things.  Where we were, where we are, and where we are going.

Where we were.   2020 was completely booked at 150 events.  This past week we would be in the midst of our holiday programming.  Our volunteers were sad to spend the first Black Friday at home instead of at the Strand showing ELF.  Each and every week  our performances become more of a memory.   

Where we are.    The pandemic has opened up opportunities to work inside the Strand.  Our work crews have undertaken a major stage renovation.   We are fortunate to be in a community of talented people.    We have been able to safely accomplish all tasks for minimal cost.   The impact will be tremendous for our performers.    Our work sessions continue this Saturday December 5, 2020 from 9am – 1pm.   If you would like to help, please do.   If you are curious about what is being done, or just need your “Strand Fix”, stop by and say hello.   We would love to show you the progress.

Where we are going.    The Strand’s Board of Directors have done a lot of head scratching this year.    Every time there is hope for reopening, it has been quickly vanquished.    We plan to open when it is safe for our patrons and performers.    We do not know when that will be.  We would like to think that February 2020 might allow us to start, but we are not holding our breath.  

Because of the uncertainty we cannot book events in good faith.   When it is time to open, it will not be with a line-up that was developed the year before.  We are prepared to “wing” it, but we also need to make sure that things that come into the theater can attract an audience.

Finally we are preparing for the worst.   To date we have not solicited our community for funds or sponsorship.   This is going to change as we are running out of cash.   To be prudent we are raising enough funds to not only take us through the pandemic, but also to replenish our savings which were depleted.   We will be sending information out on our plans and how to donate starting next week.   We are hoping for the financial generosity of our community on this very first time we ask. 

When we opened the Rock and Roll community stepped up to the plate and made sure the Strand had the funds we needed.   Recently members of the community have donated to help us through these dark times.   Indiana Grand Casino made a donation last month that will allow us to remain solvent until the end of the year.   Thank you.

We are looking forward to the future, looking forward to being open, and looking forward to seeing you AT THE STRAND!