Newsletter – 11/27/2022

Dear Strand Fan, 

We hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.  We were so distracted with eating turkey, we forgot to send this email on Friday, so here it is today. 

This weekend we showed ELF.   It was a magical time for all the families who attended.   For our holiday films we have live preshow music.   Volunteers Lisa Bruno (clarinet) and John Reed (sax) played holiday favorites.   Their music filled the theater and it was a perfect start.   Bob Schlick once again has trains set up in the Cabaret Area.   This year he has both O gauge and HO gauge.   It is fun and the kids love it!

Next weekend is POLAR EXPRESS (2004).   We will show this movie on Friday after the Holiday Parade, and Saturday at 2pm and 7pm.    The Strand’s sound system is made for live music, and when you hear the train come across the auditorium, we can shake you!   We hope you can attend to make a memory in Downtown Shelbyville.   Tickets are available at the door, online, or at Shelbyville Paint.   There are plenty of tickets available, so just show up!

We have several things coming up for the holiday season.   On December 11 (Sunday) at 7pm we are presenting A CARPENTER’S CHRISTMAS.  This is music from Carpenter’s and their popular holiday TV specials.    DONNIE BAKER returns on December 17 for two shows.   The first show is almost sold out, but plenty of tickets are available for the second show.    If you haven’t experienced DONNIE BAKER live on stage, you are missing a funny evening!


This week we received an email from George Young.   George is a Shelbyville High School graduate and lives in the Pacific Northwest.   He is a Strand Fan!   He has written several books with proceeds coming to the Strand.   At our lowest point in the pandemic, his donations were a bright spot on the horizon.   Well he’s done it again…written another book.   This time it is a joke book.  For those of you who follow George on social media, you know about his vicious wit.   He certainly knows words and keeps us laughing all the time.    The book is “Tom Swift Walks into a Bar – A Humorous collection of Two Genres of Jokes – Tom Swifties & Walks Into A Bar.”   Again part of the proceeds come to the Strand.  If you need a holiday gift idea, click this LINK to order the book and add some cheer to the mix.   Thank you George!


Do you walk by the Strand?  Next time you will notice we now have music under our marquee.  This is a project that has taken years to accomplish.  (warning, tech talk ahead)

It all started with the acquisition of eight 70 volt audio amplifiers.  These came from the former Hilton Hotel on what is now the site of Community Hospital North.  The auction company donated them to the Strand.   Piece one was done.   Those amplifiers stayed in storage until the pandemic.

We finally had the time to reconfigure our projection booth and install the amplifies.   They are in a 7 foot rack.  The rack was donated by Republic Services.   The process of getting wires from every place in the theater to the projection booth started.   The speaker wire was donated by Ron Bush.

We then installed speakers that have a 70 volt line matching transformer in all sorts of places.  The dressing rooms, bathrooms, lobby, offices, and even back in the projection booth. Over a dozen so far.  The speakers were donated from the old Major Hospital.

During one of the fishing expeditions (meaning we ran or “fished” wire) a wire was run to the lobby for use under the marquee.   The last of the warm weather was this weekend and Cody V. and David F. decided now was the time.    They fished the last of the wire into the marquee and mounted a special exterior speaker.  That speaker was donated by Ron Bush.    After a bit of configuring viola!  Music.    What appears simple is not, but hopefully you will come to always expect music as you walk under the Strand’s marquee.   This is a $10,000 project that cost us only our time and effort.  Thank you all!


We are having fun, and things are slowly getting easier. We look forward to a vibrant 2023.  Remember POLAR EXPRESS starts after the Downtown Holiday Parade on Friday night December 2.    As always, thank you for the support.    See you at the Strand!