Newsletter – 11/18/2021



Saturday November 20, 2021

9am – Noon

Dear Strand Fan, 

Is it that time already?   The Strand needs to get dressed for the Holiday Season.   We are holding a work session this Saturday November 20, 2021 at 9am.    Time to get our decorations out, and transform the Strand into a holiday wonderland.   All help is welcome.    

As you get your own Christmas decorations ready, we would gladly accept any items.  The theater is big, and the more we can decorate, the better it looks.   Please drop off any items on Saturday and we will put them into our collection.


ELF!    Thanksgiving weekend we will be showing Elf.   This is presented by D.A.R.E.   This is very special as our D.A.R.E. officer Floyd Hastings was just honored with being the 2021 outstanding D.A.R.E. officer in the State of Indiana.   Great job Floyd!


presented by D.A.R.E.

Friday November 26, 2021 – 7pm

Saturday November 27, 2021 – 7pm

Sunday November 28, 2021 – 2pm

POLAR EXPRESS.   The Polar Express stops at the Strand the weekend of the Downtown Holiday Parade.   The Parade is Friday night December 3.   We will start the movie AFTER the parade finishes.   (So the time is an estimate)   We had a wonderful community partner offer to present this feature.   Steve Lew Real Estate Group and local agent Tracy Miller are sponsoring the event.   They are also having one of the agents, April Grabbe, perform.   April is a talented singer and will sing some holiday tunes before the show on Friday night.   Thank you Steve Lew Real Estate Group!


presented by the Steve Lew Real Estate Group

Friday December 3, 2021 – After the Holiday Parade

Saturday December 4, 2021 – 7pm

Sunday December 5, 2021- 2pm


We do ELF every year after Thanksgiving.  This event, originally started by Gary, Michelle, and Chris Nolley has been a mainstay event.   Each year our volunteers avoid doing dishes by helping at the Strand.   Normally we have live performances on Saturday, but this year we are extending the movie to all three days of the Thanksgiving weekend.

The Strand got a surprise for our showing of Hocus Pocus.   Gary Nolley from COMPASS INSURANCE GROUP gave us a check to help cover the cost of the film!   Gary is well aware of the difficulty of securing rights from Disney, and knew the help was needed.  Thank you Compass Insurance Group!

We got another surprise too.   As most of you know, our roof replacement was scheduled for last week.   Mohr Crane Service brought their equipment to the front of the theater last Friday.   With wonderful cooperation from Chief Weinder from the Shelbyville Police Department, and Commissioner Hunt from the Shelbyville Street Department, we were able to safely lift the material to the roof.  It took about 40 minutes.   Thank you to all. 

L&M Roofing (a local company) got to work right away.   Trying to beat the weather they worked Saturday and Sunday too.    By Monday the roof was complete.   For the first time in years it can rain and we don’t have to worry.   The roof looks wonderful.  (warning, tech talk ahead)  As part of the project we were going to remove the old built up material.   We expected it to be about 4” thick.  Much to everyone’s amazement, the old roof was only one layer (maybe why we had so many leaks) and didn’t need to be removed.    That was good on several levels.  First is that at no time was our roof exposed.   The weather is not the best and we didn’t have to worry about protecting against rain.   Second is we are only required to get a building permit if we have any repairs.  Since the roof was not removed, there were no repairs!   Third was the biggest.   Not removing the roof saved about 3 days of labor and lots of debris removal.   

In true local fashion, and even though we were on a quote, L&M discounted the price for work that didn’t need to be performed.   This was huge!   Thank you Mark and L&M for the great job. 

Lots of things are happening.  We are slowly getting confidence we can start a regular schedule in 2022.   Keep staying safe, let’s push those numbers down and get our collective confidence up. 

We always cherish your support, thank you.  See you at the Strand!