Newsletter – 11/04/2022


Dear Strand Fan, 

This weekend FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS and TODD McCOMAS.   We start on Friday November 3 with the final installment of our Friday Night Frights Film Series.  This month we culminate with the always popular HOUSE ON THE HAUNTED HILL (1959) starring Vincent Price.   The movie starts at 7:30pm and tickets are available at the door.  The balcony will be open!

On Saturday November 5, 2022 we welcome back (literally) TODD McCOMAS.  Todd got his comedy start at the Strand.  Since his retirement with the Indiana State Police, Todd does comedy full time.   He travels across the country bringing his brand of comedy to audiences from near and far.    We welcome him home to Shelby County and look forward to his performance.  As you might recall this is part two, as part one was in October and we had to cancel because Todd had Covid.   He recovered, got married, and is ready to rock the Strand!  Tickets are available at the door, online, or at Shelbyville Paint.  Bourbons and Brews will provide the bar.  Doors will open at 6:45pm. 

The Shelby County Prosecutor holds their DRUG FREE CALENDAR AWARDS PROGRAM at the Strand on Thursday November 10, 2022.   This is a wonderful event and is open to the public.

Friday November 11, 2022 the DIRECTORS’ JAZZ ORCHESTRA will present an evening of big band and swing music.  It will feature vocalists CHLOE SANDMAN and STEVE HORTON.   Tickets are available at the door, online, and at Shelbyville Paint. 

We are getting ready for our Holiday Schedule.   Music, Movies, Holiday Cheer…all at the Strand!


Since we upgraded our marquee chase lights to LED, we noticed something a little weird.  When shut off, all the leds would still glow ever so slightly, you couldn’t tell during the day, but at night it was noticeable.  (Warning, tech talk ahead).  To make the marquee lights chase each other, we still utilize a chase sequencer from the 1920s!  However, since we refurbished and reinstalled the sequencer, it has done nothing more than run relays instead of the actual lights. These relays help preserve its life, after all it is over 90 years old (that is even older than Bob Schlick).  We started out with traditional relays, however eventually upgraded to solid state relays Solid State Relays (SSR).

The traditional relays started “welding” their contacts together from the heavy use in a very short amount of time.  There is one relay for each chase circuit, four total.  In the traditional relays an electromagnet moves a physical switch, however in SSRs there are no moving parts, and the switching is instead done with special transistors.  One side effect of certain kinds of SSRs is they can leak small amounts of voltage.  With traditional bulbs this is not an issue thanks to their resistive load.  With LEDs however, they can glow with only small amounts of voltage.

To solve this issue, we added one incandescent 11W bulb back per circuit, and the glow disappeared.  So when you look at the south side of the marquee on the bottom, and see 4 lonely incandescent bulbs, they are there for a special purpose and a throwback to the past.

We are having fun.  Sammy Terry was fantastic.  He will be back at Halloween next year, so mark your calendars for October 28, 2023!   As always we could not do all this without you…thank you!  See you at the Strand.