Newsletter – 10/28/2022

Dear Strand Fan, 

Indiana’s Hoosier heritage is full of history that brings smiles to millions. But not all those smiles are without a scary Spooky shadow.

Since 1962 Indiana’s Sammy Terry has been bringing “Many Pleasant Nightmares” to 5 generations of Hoosier fans. Sammy continues to be the longest running and one of the most iconic horror movie hosts in all the world. That’s why he has brought back the Nightmare Theater Weekly Movie Show every Friday on

Are you ready for the most  Horror-able time you’ll ever have at the Strand Theatre ?????? Well Stand Up ,  Get on your Feet and Screeeam to the stage a true Indiana Legend:   SAMMY TERRY.”

What a week.  Terry Lee last weekend, and Sammy Terry on Saturday night!    The Strand is doing what we set out to do.   Our community deserves high quality live entertainment.   Come join the fun with the rest of the ghosts and goblins for SAMMY TERRY.    His live show starts at 7:30pm.   It will be followed by the first feature YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN (1974).   Sammy will be back on stage after the intermission, then on to the second feature HORROR EXPRESS (1972).   It will be a fun evening with the live stage show AND a double feature.   The balcony will be open.  (editor’s note:  The Strand no longer sells pickles.   Those of you who were at the Sammy Terry Show in 1971 understand why we mention this).

Did you see Sammy Terry on TV this week?   He talked about the Strand every time.   It is nice to get the word out to a larger audience.   Thank you Sammy.  


Last week something wonderful happened.  It all started at the Glen Campbell tribute concert in July.   A patron went to David Finkel and asked why the Strand didn’t have automatic opening exterior doors.   David explained that although we replaced the 1967 doors with new modern aluminum doors, we didn’t have the funds to install the automatic openers.   A few weeks later the patron, Kay Koenig, called David and said she was donating the automatic openers to the Strand.   Wow!   It took quite a bit of planning, several quotes, and running new electrical lines. Last Thursday the day arrived to install the system.   If you come to the Strand you can now push a button and viola, the doors open!   Thank you Kay for this wonderful gift.   Our theater is 106 years old.  We want to be as accessible as possible.  This is a major step in accomplishing that goal.    Next time you are at the Strand (or the Grover Museum, as she donated openers for that facility too) give it a try.   If you see Kay out and about tell her thank you!

After the doors were installed we wanted to make sure they met the current standards.  We worry about opening strength and things like that as we do work.   Below are the standards for the exterior doors.  Our doors meet these standards.

1008.1. 3 Door opening force. The force for pushing or pulling open interior—swinging egress doors, other than fire doors, shall not exceed 5-pound (22 N). For other—swinging doors, as well as sliding and folding doors, the door latch shall release when subjected to a 15-pound (67 N) force.

1008.1.4.2 Power-operated doors.

Where means of egress doors are operated by power, such as doors with a photoelectric-actuated mechanism to open the door upon the approach of a person, or doors with power-assisted manual operation, the design shall be such that in the event of power failure, the door is capable of being opened manually to permit means of egress travel or closed where necessary to safeguard means of egress. The forces required to open these doors manually shall not exceed those specified in Section 1008.1.3, except that the force to set the door in motion shall not exceed 50 pounds (220 N). The door shall be capable of swinging from any position to the full width of the opening in which such door is installed when a force is applied to the door on the side from which egress is made. Full-power-operated doors shall comply with BHMA A156.10. Power-assisted and low-energy doors shall comply with BHMA A156.19.


The fun continues.   On Saturday night November 5 the Strand welcomes back TODD McCOMAS to our stage.   Live comedy is always fun, and Todd is sure to get everyone laughing.    This is the rescheduled performance from October 1.   If you had tickets to that show, they are good for the November 5 performance.   Just show up!    You can still buy tickets at the door, online, and at Shelbyville Paint.   We look forward to seeing you there.


Good news, bad news.   This week we had a bit of bad news.   We have 7 HVAC units keeping the Strand cozy.    As you might know, we had a theft of our refrigerant gas earlier this summer.   That was an expensive fix, and although our insurance took care of much of the cost, our deductible was $1000.   Ouch.    Well the HVAC gremlins stuck again.   

This time there was no nefarious activity.   The first problem was a slow leak in the freon.  This was related to the theft.  Easily fixed.   The second was a bit more extensive.   The unit that supplies the lobby and second floor offices suffered a blower motor failure.   Back in the day this wasn’t too big a problem.  The Strand has ultra high efficiency units.  The blower motors are variable speed.   That is a big deal, or should we say an expensive deal.  We are waiting for the quote, but it seems we take one step forward and two steps back.  Uhg. 


Take a look at our schedule. We have something for everyone.   Our 2023 calendar is still growing and the upcoming year will be the best yet.   This is all because of your support, thank you!   See you at the Strand.