Newsletter – 10/21/2022

Dear Strand Fan, 

Has it really been 3 years?  October 19, 2019 to be exact.   Terry Lee performed at the Strand on that date.   Little did we know then that Covid would interrupt all of our performance schedules.   When we knew we could re-open this past March, one of the first performers we called was Terry.   

Saturday night October 22, 2022 TERRY LEE and his MILLION DOLLAR BAND will take the Strand’s stage for a high energy, toe tapping, top-notch performance.   We are happy to welcome Terry back…the only thing we need is you!  If you haven’t bought your tickets, that is OK as we will have plenty available at the door.   Doors open at 7pm and the concert starts at 7:30pm.   Help us welcome back TERRY LEE to the Strand!

Tonight (Friday October 21) we continue our HOOSIER FILM SERIES presents SPOOKY SHORTS.  This month we are featuring Celebrate the Halloween season with a compilation of 10 short films from Indiana filmmakers, ranging from horror to dark comedy.

List of Included Films: StalkHer, Paranoia, Songbird, Smiley’s, Static, Break My Bones, Going Through It, Pool Party, The Last House, Oh Sheet.  They are sure to bring you into the Halloween spirit!

Not only will the films be spooky, but our theater is back in its Halloween garb.   This week 9 volunteers decorated the Strand for the first time since 2019.   After a bit of looking, we found all our decorations in the north basement under the Women’s lobby restroom (did you know we have 2 basements at the front of the theater?).    We also put out a call for unwanted decorations.   We had a  few items dropped off.   If you have any leftover Halloween decorations, we would love to have them.   The Strand is a big place and the more we have, the more we can decorate!


Last week we had a few guests for the Linda Ronstadt Experience.  While the band was loading in around 3pm, a couple of very small four legged friends scurried in from the alley.   Needless to say, we were not happy.   These little guys took off into the auditorium like a shot.   Every so often we saw one going from here to there.   Not a good situation.   As soon as the performance started we texted Mike Dooley Pest Control.  Mike responded and said he would be there first thing Monday.  Sure enough by 8:15am on Monday we had a plethora of bait traps set.    Hopefully this will be the end of the problem.  We keep the theater very clean and when there is no food, no mice.   We have had a good track record, but the alley mice had different ideas.   It was getting cold and our auditorium is oh so warm….

Speaking of warm, we tested our furnaces for the first time this past week.    The temperatures are all over the place and our thermostats had to be set for “automatic.”    When we need heat, the system will call for heat, if AC is needed, then the thermostats will call for cool.   Aren’t we lucky to live in Indiana?

Did you know that there are two separate systems for the main sound output? (Technically more, but two primary ones and you guessed it…tech talk ahead!)  The speakers facing the audience are what you hear when you come to a show.  This is generally referred to as FOH (front of house).  However, there are also speakers on stage that are mixed independent of this audience feed.  Usually, the stage monitors are mixed with the Strand mixer.  This puts control of the sound in the hands of the Strand’s board operator.  Below is a picture of Cody V. at the sound board for last week’s show.

Recently groups have been bringing their own monitor mixer  This is commonly referred to as the “back line.”  Sometimes instead of using speakers, as was the case with Fleetwood Gold, all the members of the band use in-ear monitors (earbud headphones).  Two groups recently also used a digital mixer.  This makes the job infinitely easier.   We at the Strand know a digital mixer is in our future.  It really started the gears turning in our minds about what we could do with this new technology.    We haven’t had a significant sound upgrade since we opened in 2008.   Time to put the pencil to the paper and come up with a budget.   The early estimates are around $15,000, which considering what we will be doing is rather reasonable.   If we hired out the job the amount would increase significantly, but we do those things in house.

Speaking of sound, our spare snake has made a permanent appearance.  A snake is a cable that has multiple microphone (XLR) inputs and multiple outputs (sends).   We have a downstage snake in the floor, we also have an upstage snake that can be moved around.  The upstage snake is 8×4, meaning 8 inputs and 4 outputs.   We added another 16×4 snake upstage.  It resides against our back wall and has about 20 feet of cable.   We have used it constantly as we started back after Covid.   We are lucky to have it!


Don’t forget that next weekend on Saturday October 29 we welcome back SAMMY TERRY to the Strand’s stage.   In addition to the live show, Sammy will be hosting a double feature.  The first film will be YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN (1974).  This Mel Brooks favorite is always a hit.   The second feature will be HORROR EXPRESS (1972).  Horror Express stars Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and Telly Savalas!  Get your tickets for this incredible Halloween weekend event. 

Last week we had a pleasant surprise.  Tristan McIntosh, the lead singer in the Linda Ronstadt Experience, had several family members in attendance.  Her mom is from Washington, Indiana.   It was nice to see her perform for her hometown fans!   Below is a picture of Strand director David Finkel and Tristan.

Thank you for your support.  The Strand is a fun place.  It is even more fun when you are there!   So hopefully we’ll See You at the Strand!