Newsletter – 09/25/2020

Dear Strand Fan, 

This week the Strand held our first event since March 2020.    Normally on our stage you would find dramas such as Inherit the Wind, or Shakespheare’s Merchant of Venice.    This week we helped Judge David Riggins and Shelby County Superior Court II.    The Court had a large jury trial and could not accommodate the process of Voir Dire in their courtroom.  Voir Dire is the selection of the jury.    The Strand was transformed into a courtroom.    Our recording systems were used for documentation, and the vast space of our 369 seat auditorium allowed all 100+ prospective jurors to be safe and socially distanced.   

The process was fascinating.   It was difficult too, as the trial dealt with horrific crimes.    Steve F., Bill W., and David F. were assisted by the court staff and the Shelby County Sheriff’s department.    The court session ran as planned and by 6pm the jury was chosen.    While not the most pleasant subject, it was nice to be in the theater and doing something positive to our community.   Thank you Judge Riggins for considering the Strand in this important process.

Our work sessions continue each and every Saturday.   The stage is being renovated.   We are lowering the upper stage to the same level as the rest of the stage.   We are down to the structure and need help getting the 16’ 2 x 10 joists removed.   If you can make it, we work from 9am – 1pm.     Please wear a mask.    It is always fun to improve the Strand.

It is looking more and more like we will not have any events until 2021.   We had a few things we hoped to present, but the pandemic climate just does not make that possible.   This past week the Strand was contacted by some of our fellow performing arts centers to see our strategy.   They did not remain closed, and the performances they presented were devastating on their financial position.   We all just do not have a choice.   While it is bad for us, it is even worse for our performers whose livelihood relies on their performance.   

We will stay the course, be patient, and as our marquee says  AT FIRST I WAS AFRAID, I WAS TERRIFIED…..which of course is the opening line of I WILL SURVIVE and WE will survive.  

Thank you for your support.   See you at the Strand….