Newsletter – 09/17/2021

Dear Strand Fan, 

This time is here, our first LIVE event since March 2020!

COSTAKI ECONOMOPOULOS COMEDY will perform on the Strand’s stage on SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 18.   Costaki will be joined by comedian WILLIE GRISWOLD.   Willie is a regular on the Bob & Tom Show.    The night will be filled with laughs.    This is the first live event we have hosted since the start of the pandemic.  Curtain is at 8pm. 

Plenty of tickets are available. You may also purchase them at the door.   Masks are not required, but encouraged.   We have a bar available, popcorn will be hot, and the comedy will be funny…what a great evening.

When we booked Costaki in June, things were looking up.   We had hoped to start in July and be going at a good pace by September.   As you know all too well, that’s not how it worked out.   We have done two small movie events.   Everything else was put on hold due to the ongoing pandemic.   The big question is where will we go from here?   The Strand’s answer…we don’t know.    We have a few events booked, but are hesitant to fill our schedule until things simmer down.    Realistically it will be slow going through 2021 and full steam ahead in 2022.

People ask us “how can I help?”    Not having revenue in 18 months hurts.   The easiest way to help is to come on Saturday night.   Our financial model is still viable, being supported by our events.    Will this get us through to next year, no.    We will need additional help, but in the words of the late Ron Popiel “but wait, there’s more!”   

We had to do a temporary ticket link for Costaki.  Our old online ticket vendor failed in the pandemic.  Our new (top flight, fancy, easy to use, mobile friendly…you get it) vendor isn’t up and running yet.   So for the gap Strand board members Elizabeth F. and Joey G. got a temporary site online.   This site is cumbersome, we know.   It is only temporary, however…

Elizabeth discovered it would work for online sales of our merchandise!   What merchandise do you say?   Very cool pieces of the original Strand Vaudeville Floor AND stylish Strand Coffee Mugs.  These are now available online.  You too can own a piece of Strand history and help us in the process.   Click Here.    

Being in hibernation for 18 months makes things cantankerous.   Our sound system is on the list (warning, tech talk ahead).   We have three wireless microphones.    We need to use these because we can’t access our regular equipment due to stage construction.    They are affectionately known as Red, Blue, and Yellow.    Red decided to misbehave, badly.   The microphone screeched and hissed as soon as it was turned on.   Sound guru Ron B. to the rescue.   Ron found the power supply to the transmit/receiver unit had gone bad.  This isn’t a normal power supply.   There are filters and chokes to keep the signal clean.   Second problem, as we discussed a few weeks ago, is that our equalizer for the under balcony speakers in the Cabaret Area failed.   That means no speakers in back.  Unacceptable. 

Somehow Ron came up with the needed equipment and everything is fixed!   Just in the nick of time.   We wonder what will fail during the performance.   Come check it out with us, it will be fun.   Costaki is a quick thinker, so if there is a failure, we are sure he will have a retort. 

The environmental systems have been on for the past two weeks.  So far so good.   The theater is nice and cool.  Our latest roof patch has held too.   Let’s hope for no rain on Saturday.    Lighting systems work, the bar is stocked, everything is ready to go.   Now all we need is you. 


This past week we had sadness in our Strand Family.    Ailene Schlick, volunteer and wife of board member Bob Schlick, passed away.    Strand director David Finkel writes the following memory:

“I remember well the first time we met Ailene.   It was early April 2006 .  The theater was a wreck in the middle of renovation.   Bob had started volunteering a few weeks before and quickly established himself as “manna” from heaven, an HVAC technician that installed our type of systems when they were new.

That evening Steve Frazee, Rhonda Schwegman, Gordon Hood and I were working late.   We were in the lobby and in walks Bob with Ailene.   We had not met Ailene yet, and I said to Bob “Don’t tell me this one is your wife too.”   We learned right then and there who wore the pants in that family.   Ailene was a driving force ever since.   May her memory be a blessing.”


We look forward to Saturday, it has been a long wait.   Thank you for the support.  See you at the Strand!