Newsletter – 09/16/2022

Dear Strand Fan, 

ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!  Saturday September 17, 2022.   The evening will start with the pre-show at 11:30pm, the movie starting at midnight.  This is not just the movie.  We have a “Shadow Cast” acting along with the actions on the screen.   TRANSYLVANIAN LIP TREATMENT is a shadow cast that has performed extensively with this RHPS.   They make the evening fun, unusual, and above all else entertaining.   Prop bags will be available (you Rocky Horror fans know what we’re talking about), however to use the prop bags you must sit downstairs.  We are not doing that in the balcony!    Now is your chance to relive fun from long ago, or just experience it for the first time.   We hope to see you there!

Next week on Friday September 23 is the premier of our new HOOSIER FILM SERIES.    This series highlights local films and the Strand is one of only a few venues across the state to show these features.   We are showing REPARATION.   REPARATION is an award-winning independent motion picture about a troubled Air Force veteran who finds clues to his lost memories in his daughter’s art — while confronted by a stranger looking for answers of his own.  The winner of numerous awards, we are looking forward to this event.  The director and writer KYLE HAM will be joined by  some cast members and will hold an informal question and answer session after the film.   Tickets are available at the door.  Please note the time, the movie starts at 7:00pm.

We will continue in movie mode on Saturday night September 24.   Has it really been 35 years since Dirty Dancing premiered?   It has, and we are celebrating the milestone.   On Saturday September 24,2022  DIRTY DANCING will be shown at the Strand.    We just couldn’t show a dance movie without dancing, so the evening will start with STYLE DANCE ACADEMY performing a routine from the movie.   STYLE DANCE ACADEMY has been training our young dancers for many years (editor’s note:  Our daughter went to Style!)   Style has been in the news recently as one of their alumni Keaton Kermode was a finalist on “So you think you can dance” TV show.    We look forward to their performance and the movie too!  Thank you to Blackketter Law for presenting this event.   Tickets are available at the door.    

October 1, 2022 we welcome TODD MCCOMAS COMEDY to the Strand.   Todd is a funny guy.  Todd writes: “My standup comedy career will forever be tied to The Strand Theatre. In many ways I cut my teeth at The Strand. I’ve booked shows there, I’ve opened for some of my comedy heroes there and I recorded my album there. I can’t wait to return on October 1st.”   Tickets are available online, at the door, and locally at Shelbyville Paint & More. 


Last week we talked about an equipment failure for our projection.  Our tech guru Cody V. said “don’t worry, we’ll be ready.”   Cody delivered.  The solution was a bit easier than we thought.    Turns out we had a spare video scaler in the projection booth.   Problem solved (for now)!

If you ordered tickets online from the Strand, you received another confirmation email for your ticket purchase this week.   We had a problem with the system that sends out those notifications (warning, tech talk ahead).   The issue had lots of smart people looking into the problem.  Our vendor sent us the activity logs from our account.

Cody commented:  “I apologize if I am misunderstanding the logs, but the way I read them, the actual email address is not generating the 501 error.  The 250 after the actual email address I believe refers to a successful SMTP request for that recipient, and it appears the 501 error stems from an additional recipient, that is just an empty string (<>).

So I am curious if this 501 error for the blank recipient would then stop the processing of the email transaction, as indicated by the 240 QUIT code on the next line of the log.

The next email transaction in the log, shows a 250 for the only recipient, and then a “DATA” log message, which is where I believe the email message with that ID is actually sent.  Such a “DATA” log is not taking place for the email that failed.

So assuming that the empty string email recipient is causing the issue, not sure how that is getting in there.”

Of course he hit upon the problem.  It works perfectly now, but we resent all the older ticket confirmations just to be sure.  

Lots going on. Our ADDICT’S WAKE event this week was impactful and motivating. Thank you to Kathy and our friends at Anthem for selecting the Strand for this event. Hopefully you will get a good night’s sleep so you can be there at ROCKY HORROR Saturday night. Thank you for the support, see you at the Strand!