Newsletter – 09/09/2022

Dear Strand Fan, 

We are getting back into the groove.  It feels nice!   We had 13 volunteers on Saturday for One Night with Elvis.  It was a great show, thank you to all who attended. 

This week we start things on Tuesday night with a very interesting program.  Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield is working with Next Level Recovery to sponsor a series of screenings of the documentary, THE ADDICT’S WAKE.

The Addict’s Wake was filmed in Brown County, IN, over a two-year period in 2019 and 2020. The film provides firsthand accounts of the impact the opioid epidemic has had on those who struggle with addiction, their families, and their communities. The charming small towns and picturesque landscapes of Brown County, Indiana attract artists and seasonal tourists, but behind the scenes the community grapples with the most widespread public health issue of our time.

Nearly every family, classroom, and workplace in Brown County feels the devastating ripple effects of heroin, meth, and opioid addiction. From the second-by-second panic of overdose to the slower deaths of despair, the ramifications of addiction run deep in America. One small, tight-knit community delivers piercing insight and critical perspective to an issue that impacts the nation.

Anthem’s goal in these screenings is to share this powerful film with as many Hoosiers as possible, highlight community partners who support those struggling with substance use disorder, reduce stigma associated with substance use disorder, and inspire community-based solutions.  The event starts at 5:30pm on September 13, 2022.  The event is free. 

ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW returns on Saturday September 17, 2022.   This feature TRANSYLVANIAN LIP TREATMENT, a premier Rocky Horror Shadow Cast.   We did this in June and had a blast.  Come join the fun starting at 11:30pm.    It is an experience that you just can’t describe.  

Friday September 23, 2022 we will show REPARATION.   This is part of the Hoosier Film Series. Regional film company Hoosier Films is piloting a new program that will bring Indiana films to theaters across the state on a regular basis. The Strand Theatre is helping pilot the program.  

“Our goal is for independent films with a local connection to be available to anyone in Indiana – in your town, or no more than a short drive away. Ideally, as the program grows, we’d like to have a participating venue in every county,” says Hoosier Films co-founder and CEO Meredith McGriff. 

McGriff says Hoosier Films has long been committed to making local independent films more accessible to audiences in Indiana. Hoosier Films was founded in 2018, and has provided a streaming service dedicated to Indiana’s independent films since 2019.


Our marquee LED upgrade is finished.  Have you noticed?  The Strand is a lot brighter and smoother light.   Thank you all from near and far who participated in this project.  

Cody Veerkamp is at it again.   Cody, our resident tech guru has continued to bring improvements to the Strand.   (warning, tech talk ahead).   As you know from previous newsletters, we now update our exterior Electronic Messaging Centers remotely.   We can now do the same thing for both the lobby displays.   The monitor behind the ticket booth will display a static image for the current performance, and the small monitor near the doors will display our ongoing slideshow of Strand pictures from when we started to our current performances.   Thank you Cody for these upgrades.   These changes have a huge impact for our volunteers.

Next issue facing Cody isn’t so pleasant.   Last weekend our video scaler died.   What is a video scaler?  We asked him the same things.  It is an innocuous piece of equipment in the data rack at the soundboard.   This little gem takes our video signals and scales them for our small screen.   This is a major issue, as we have Rocky Horror Picture Show on September 17 that needs that equipment.  Cody, with his usual coolness, said “don’t worry, we’ll be ready.”   Will talk about the solution when he lets us know how he did it!

Our local law enforcement community lost a wonderful person this week.  Our condolences go out to the family of Jay Griffith.   

Always lots going on at the Strand.  If you would like to volunteer, let us know.  Reply to this email, give us a call or text at 317-395-3318.   We appreciate your support, as you are why we do what we do.  See you at the Strand!