Newsletter – 08/28/2020


Dear Strand Fan, 

Thank you for your support at our Summer Movie Series.   We held the last of our three films this week at the Skyline Drive-In.   While not the numbers we had hoped for, everyone, including our volunteers, had a great time.    Sometimes we forget how funny (and inappropriate) movies like Animal House actually are.  It was a great night.   Thank you to Joe Gaudin for providing his facility to the Strand at NO COST, and to all our great volunteers!

This week we had some big news!    Since the concept of the Strand as a performing arts center started, we have been doing research into our history.    For years Steve Frazee, Gary Nolley, and others have been scouring old papers, files, and anything else related to the Strand.    We discovered a plethora of information, but always missed the one thing that would help us the most…an interior picture from when the Strand was built.   

Fast forward to August 2020.   The Strand has partnered to advertise with the Shelby County Historical Society in a publication by Grover Museum.   Executive Director of SCHS Alex Krach was doing research on this advertising piece.    He called David Finkel excited and said “I found interior pictures of the Strand the week the theater opened.”    Really?   Must be too good to be true.

Steve Frazee was immediately contacted.   “No way!”   Steve and David could hardly sleep until the time came to look at the picture.   This week they met Alex at the Shelby County Library.  Sure enough there on the microfiche screen was the interior of the Strand.    The pictures immediately answered some questions, and caused many more.     This was the most significant historical find in our history.   Thank you Alex.   Also thank you to the Shelby County Historical Society for doing this type of work.    We are a better community because of the SCHS.

(Editor’s note:  We don’t generally include pictures in our emails.   This week we are making an exception so you too can see what we found.)



Saturday August 29, 2020

9am – 1pm

We will continue our work on the stage.   This week we should be able to finish removing our old structure.    From there it will be time to put everything together again.    We also have our work on our business records.   We would love to have you help.   Also, if you are just curious as to what is happening, please stop in and say hello.

Thank you for the support.   The Strand will be in a critical financial position about October 20th.  We will keep you informed on our efforts to secure funding.   There are many grant applications made.   Our board members and volunteers are working diligently to see us through this pandemic.    Until then, see you at the Strand!