Newsletter – 08/27/2021


Dear Strand Fan, 

We had our first event in 531 days last Saturday night.   Our “pop-up” event was designed to help us test the Strand.  In the 18 months since our last true event, the Strand has sat idle.   There were a myriad of things that needed to work.    From the HVAC, to the projection, the popcorn to the sodas, it all needed to be tested.  

We showed FIELD OF DREAMS with very little notice (hence the term pop-up).   The attendees were enthusiastic and everyone made the same comment:  “wow, that’s a good movie!.”

We are starting slow but will have many things between now and the end of the year.   Due to the uncertainty of Covid, we have to take it easy.    We are in no position to have a financial loss on any performance.   

We learned a tremendous amount.   With 1400+ performances, this should have been a walk in the park.   It wasn’t.    We are out of practice running the theater.   There were a few surprises.   First, one of our wireless microphones refused to work, or at least work properly.   Good thing we caught that before David F. went on stage to welcome everyone.   As with any opening, or in our case reopening, we started with the Star Spangled Banner.    Or so we thought, as David came off the stage, Steve F. said “we doing the National Anthem?”   Oops.   A quick announcement and everyone stood.    

The projection worked great.   That was fortunate, as we fought with the system the night before during testing.   Good thing Cody V. was able to figure things out.   We had a cable that failed.  Hard to find, easy to fix.   

Costaki Economopoulos tickets are available at Mickey’s T-Mart (cash only).  Our new online system will be up and running shortly.   We will keep you posted.  We need to pack the house for Costaki!

Yesterday we had over an inch of rain in downtown Shelbyville.   Later today we are going to the theater to assess the damage from our roof leak.   While we continue to patch, the roof is failing faster than we can fix it.    Sadly it is a $36,600 repair.   

This weekend we are hosting the matinee for the Skyline Drive In’s  MONSTER MOVIE FEST.   We are showing, (in the dark, something the Skyline cannot do at 2pm) the 1968 Christopher Lee film THE DEVIL RIDES OUT.   It is considered one of director Terence Fisher’s best films.   The afternoon starts at 2pm with a trivia contest followed by the film.  Tickets are available at the door. 

In the great vaudeville tradition, the Strand is going forward slowly…as in “Slowly I turned, step by step.”    We will get there, it just takes a while.   Thank you for your support.   See you at the Strand!