Newsletter – 08/21/2021



9am – Noon

Dear Strand Fan, 

The tortoise is gaining speed.   The Strand has been idle since March 2020.   That is about to change.   While the startup has not gone as quickly as we hoped, it is inching along.    On Saturday’s work session we are doing the final work to make the Strand performance ready.   We have turned on our HVAC system and have brought the temperature and humidity into a comfortable range.   Almost everything worked!   That was a bonus.   

August is the month for our annual inspections.    We moved forward with renewal of our Amusement and Entertainment Permit from the Department of Homeland Security.   Last year we were inspected, but we didn’t get the permit since we were closed.   This week we had our visit and the theater passed.    Our fire extinguisher certification was this week too.   That went well.   Later in the month our alarm system will be inspected.

Some things didn’t go exactly as planned.    Our AC units all worked, that is seven in total.   Sadly two have a drain problem.   The condenser drain line is cracked on those units.   It isn’t a difficult repair, but it will take us some time.   We were fine with only 4 auditorium units instead of six.   That scenario is exactly why we have so many units.   

The next hiccup was our emergency lights.   We are required to do a 90 minute test yearly.   The batteries should be able to keep the LED emergency lights on for that amount of time.   Within 1 minute of the start of the test, we knew we had a problem.   The batteries are all the same age and all failed at the same time.   Of the 11 units, 8 batteries failed.   We replaced all the exit light batteries so we are good for several years. The batteries were donated which was a huge help too!

Last week we got a call from our alarm company.   Just like E.T., the alarm phones home each day.   The central monitoring station didn’t get the call.    It turns out that our internet/phone connection was down.    Strand board member Cody V. spent all day Saturday sleuthing the problem.   It turned out the cable that is strung from the demarc to the modem had failed.  This travels across the roof.   Cody replaced the cable and we were back in business.  Thank you Cody. 

We will have a POP-UP EVENT shortly.   This will be a quickly advertised event, just to help us get the Strand back in operation.   Be looking at our marquee, emails, and social media.   It will be fun.    

On Saturday August 28 the Skyline Drive In presents their matinee move at the Strand.   The Monster Movie Fest runs all weekend at the Skyline, and the Strand will show a film at 2pm on Saturday August 28.   Tickets will be available at the door.  

In order to get the theater back in operation we had to start our fountain Coke machine.   It has been idle since March 2020.  Coca Cola told us to call them, they would do it.   Good things we did!   It had many problems from no use.    After replacing valves, o-rings, CO2 pumps, and flushing the lines, the machine is in operation.    Thank you to Cagney’s, Grandma’s Pancake House, and Cow Palace for donating the product.  We have all six flavors installed ready to go.  

The ice machine is sanitized and making ice, the refrigerators are cold.     Our concessions are ready.  

We are ever so gently starting the theater.   With the uncertainty of the surge in Covid cases, we can’t be too aggressive.   If slow is what it takes, then slow is what we will do.

Thank you for the support.  Look out for the pop-up event.   See you at the Strand!