Newsletter – 08/19/2022

Dear Strand Fan, 

This weekend LOVE & ROCK – THE WOMEN OF MUSIC.  On stage Saturday night at 7:30pm.   Plenty of tickets available, you may purchase them at the door too.   This is going to be a great show, we want to see you there!

Next week we welcome the Skyline crowd to the Strand for a Skyline Matinee.  (Editor’s note:  For our fans from out of town/state, the Skyline is our local drive-in theater.   There is no such thing as a matinee movie at a drive-in, so we are here to help!)  We are showing GORGO (1961) as part of the Skyline’s Super Monster Movie Fest.   The movie starts at 2pm.

Grease was a ton of fun.   Because of overwhelming requests that night we have scheduled XANADU (1980) starring Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly on Saturday August 27, 2022 at 7:30pm.   This movie will throw you back right where we were last weekend with Grease!   The balcony will be open.  


We have neighborhood news.   Our neighbor STAGE LEFT TATTOO is holding a fun event on Saturday September 3.   They are partnering with the Shelbyville Animal Shelter with TATS-4-TAILS.   They are offering $50 flash tattoos with ALL proceeds going to help support the Animal Shelter.  Thank you Stage Left for stepping up the plate to help!   (Editor’s note:  Again for those of you out of town, Stage Left is located to the right of the Strand as you face our marquee.   It is, of course, stage left!  They are great neighbors.)


If you missed our lecture last week, you can watch it here.
The topic was our Shelby County property tax structure given by Purdue University School of Agriculture economist Tamara Ogle. 


This past weekend we had a patron buy tickets online for Grease. She called because they were unable to come to the event.   They asked us to give the tickets to someone else, which we did.   Our community is wonderful!

Our schedule is finally starting to fill.   These upcoming programs were all booked in March and April.   The Strand will have something for everyone, so make sure you put the Strand, Shelbyville, and Shelby County on your destination list.    Thank you for supporting our theater.   See you at the Strand!