Newsletter – 08/14/2020

Dear Strand Fan, 



9am – 1pm

Social Distancing Observed

We had a wonderful work session last week.  We have our master schedule and are working through the items.    The job is to lower the back part of the stage so it is all one level.   Last week we removed 50% of the 1916 tongue and groove pine.   It is all cleaned and ready for another use.

This week we should be able to finish removing the top layer of pine.   We will then remove the 1×8 subfloor.    When done, we will have exposed joists.

(Warning, tech talk ahead)   The old raked upper stage sits on a hip wall that is the back of the orchestra pit.   Once the joists are removed, we will lower that hip wall to the proper height to achieve a level stage.   Through the help and generosity of Shelby County Tourism, Builders Lumber, and Beck Studios, we will be able to install a proper floor.

The upstage section will use the existing joists.  The west all will have a wood band from which we will hang joist hangers.   The reused joists will then extend to the lowered hip wall in front.   The floor will be glued and screwed ¾” OSB for the subfloor.   It will have a layer of ¾” CDX plywood glued and screwed on top.  The final layer will be a 1”x4” tongue and groove finished floor floor.  This will extend over the entire stage, including the existing stage in front of the proscenium.   

We will be installing theatrical floor boxes for our power and sound.   Our current floor boxes are wood that Bob Schlick made many years ago.   It will be nice to have the real thing.

Another major advantage to removing the stage is it allows us to get all the old air handling equipment under the stage removed.   Our dressing room under the stage only extends halfway across the stage.  The rest is dirt and old equipment.   With the floor removed it will be easy (a term used loosely) to extract the old equipment.   While we are at it we are installing a secondary staircase on the north side of backstage to act as a “crossover.”   This allows actors to enter stage left or stage right without being seen.   This is all a major improvement.

We are still working on the finish of the new floor.   If it is natural, then we will need a floor covering (a common thing with stages) for when it needs to be painted.   That will be a cost driven decision.   To be honest a natural finish stage for our concerts would be very nice!

Ok, enough of the tech talk.   We hope you can join the fun.   If you don’t feel like slinging a hammer, we have other projects.  The second major project is helping get our business records sorted and filed.  We have been working out of bankers boxes.   Our offices are now done and it is time to set things up properly.  This requires sorting and lots of data entry into a spreadsheet.   It is much quieter in the offices than on stage!

Don’t forget our Summer Movie Series continues:


(at the Skyline Drive-In)

AUGUST 25, 2020

Gates open at 6pm, movie at dusk.  

So there you have it.  The Strand is still making lemonade out of Covid lemons.   We will go into detail about the help we have received in future emails.   It has been wonderful.   So see you at the Strand for a work session, but we will SEE YOU AT THE SKYLINE!   Thank you for your support.