Newsletter – 08/13/2021



Dear Strand Fan, 

Crazy times?!   We are still planning on an opening, but have decided to lay low as the public health crisis seems to not abate.   That doesn’t mean things aren’t happening!

August 28, 2021 we are going to try out the Strand for an event.   This will be part of the Pandemonium Picture Show at the Skyline Drive-In.   As you might know, we have partnered with the Skyline many times and actually did our summer 2020 film series at their venue.   We are hosting a matinee, something they cannot do (think about it).    We will be showing the 1968 Christopher Lee film THE DEVIL RIDES OUT.    

Look out for our marquee.   One night we are going to put on FREE MOVIE TONIGHT.    This will be a test of our facility and you are invited!    What movie?  We don’t know yet, but we will have the theater open and the popcorn popping.   Help us get into the groove.    It will be before the 28th!   This will be a “pop-up” event with little notice.

The Strand is going through our normal August inspections.  First on the docket is our annual visit from the Department of Homeland Security for our Amusement and Entertainment Permit.  We were inspected last year, but never finalized the permit because we were closed.    Thank you to our inspector David Millhoan for his help in the process.    He visits this coming week.

The fire extinguishers were inspected this past week and the alarm is scheduled for our annual inspection at the end of the month.    

Thank goodness we haven’t had rain (personally we want rain, but the Strand does not).   We have not had to mop in the auditorium because of the roof leak.   We applied for a grant to help us with the project.   We will let you know how that turns out. 

There is no work session this week.   We have stopped work on the stage pending an engineering review.   Our local engineer inspected the job, complimented the work, and is giving us engineered drawings.    This will not be an issue for reopening the theater, as it is just the stage behind the curtain, and we have not booked any large shows.

Please stay safe.   We cannot survive another shutdown, as we are not even out of the previous shutdown yet.   These are scary times for theaters like ours. 

Thank you for the support.  See you at the Strand!