Newsletter – 08/07/2020

Dear Strand Fan, 

“Is that a pledge pin, ON YOUR UNIFORM?”  Get ready to relive the hilarity of ANIMAL HOUSE on Tuesday August 25 at the Skyline Drive-In.   This is a 100% Strand Theatre event, with the Skyline allowing us to use their venue.  So far we have earned almost a month’s worth of expenses in just two movies.    Help us help ourselves and have a good time in the process.   Come out to the Skyline on August 25 for ANIMAL HOUSE.   Togas are acceptable attire!

Some of the Strand’s board of directors helped the Skyline for their concert last night of the Casting Crowns.   It was the least we could do for all that Joey G. does for us.   It was fun.   There were 300 cars.   It was especially fun for us to be at a live music event.   We miss our concerts!

Although we are closed, the operations of the theater keep marching on.   This week we are starting a vital stage project.  We are lowering the upper part of our stage to be even with the rest of our stage.    That means lowering it 8-½”.    It is not hard, just time consuming.   Fortunately, or unfortunately, we have all the time needed to do this project.   Never did we expect to be closed this length of time.  We will use the time wisely to improve our theater for when we do open.   

In addition to working on the stage we are going to sort through 13 years of business records and get them organized in our new offices.   If you would like to help with either of these, our work session is Saturday August 8 from 9am  – 1pm.     It will be slow going this first session as we learn what is needed to complete both projects.   If you would like to help on the stage, a hammer or pry bar would be helpful.

Time to have our annual inspection from the Department of Homeland Security.   Just because we are closed doesn’t exempt us from the requirements of our Arts and Entertainment Permit.   That is being accomplished this month.   Our fire alarm vendor is doing our yearly inspection at NO CHARGE this year!   That saves us several hundred dollars.   Thank you!!!

We are making a decision this month on how long we will be furloughed.   We have many factors we have to take into consideration.   Sadly this pandemic will not go away soon.  At this point we should have 2021 completely booked.   We have not even begun that process yet.  Most performing groups and agents are not willing to commit to anything in 2021.   Hopefully there will be a clearer picture as things move forward.

The Strand would like to ask you a question.   Would anyone be interested in renting the Strand for a private movie showing?   We cannot hold public presentations due to cost and social distancing, but we are considering having private screenings.  If you have a favorite movie you and 30 of your family or friends would like to see, please contact David Finkel at 317-395-3318 or reply to this email.

Thank you for the continued support.   We are making lemonade out of lemons.   See you at the Strand Skyline!