Newsletter – 08/06/2021


August 7, 2021

Dear Strand Fan,

We are taking the week off from our work sessions.   A tremendous amount of progress has been made at the Strand.   Our carpets look fantastic.  Volunteers got on their hands and knees to clean the spots and the areas around each wall.   The time spent was worth it!    

The stage work has stopped until we complete our engineering review.   We had a visit from a local structural engineer.   He was pleased with the work, but he is running the numbers for load.   Stages have to be built very strong.   Somehow they are subject to people jumping up and down in unison!  (Maybe that is called dancing?)   We know from experience that our stage is abused with over 150 events a year.   We will have the data to bolster that confidence.

Tickets?    We will have tickets for Costaki Economopolous available at Mickey’s T-Mart this coming week.   Remember, Mickey’s new hours are 6am – 7pm.   Our new online ticketing system should be available soon.  We are in the final stages of getting that provisioned.    It is quite the job!

Welcome back to all the school children in Shelby County.   The Strand looks forward to your performances on our stage.   We miss hosting school groups.  

Congratulations to Strand director David Finkel.   He was elected to the American Theatre Organ Society national board of directors.  The group, incorporated in California, are advocates for theater pipe organs; their history, heritage, and future.    The Strand looks forward to the installation of our theater pipe organ.

Have a great weekend.    Thank you for the support.   See you at the Strand!