Newsletter – 08/05/2022

Dear Strand Fan, 

Thank you to all who attended the Sound of Dreams Big Band concert.    This evening was filled with great talent and fun music.   We appreciate the support of programs like this. 

This week our STRAND LECTURE SERIES continues.   This year’s theme is “Understanding Government.”    On Thursday August 11, 2022 we will have Tamara Ogle give a presentation on our taxes.    Tamara is a Community Development Regional Educator for Purdue Extension. She specializes in local government and coordinates the statewide On Local Government program. Her local government work includes both education and research of the property tax system, farmland assessment and land use regulations.   This will be interesting!   The lecture starts at 7pm and is also broadcast on Facebook Live.

FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS returns on Friday August 12 with the 1965 classic BLOODY PIT OF HORRORS.   Come experience the Strand as it used to be when weekend late shows were horror movies!    The film starts at 7:30 and tickets are available at the door.  The balcony will be open.


Work has continued this week on the theater.   Cody Veerkamp has been up to his usual stealthy work.    Two major projects were completed by Cody this week.   

We planned on lighting our facade before the pandemic.   Needless to say we got sidetracked.   Before the Covid closure we did spec and acquired the lighting fixtures to do our project.

As part of the marquee upgrade Cody installed the up lights for our facade.   We are the first business in Downtown Shelbyville to completely light our building.   Our marquee is always lit, the chandeliers in the offices are always lit, but the facade above the marquee has been dark.   That ended on Saturday.   The lights are the correct color temperature and spread to accomplish the task.   This is a subtle change, but next time you drive by at night, take a look.   Below is a picture with and without the facade lights.

Next project that magically appeared was a video board in one of our poster window boxes.   We are transitioning away from printed posters, and currently have two displays for our digital posters.   Cody devised a very cool item to allow patrons stopping by the Strand to press a button and hear and see a promo video for an upcoming event.   This was no easy feat, and Cody designed quite the apparatus to accomplish the task.  (Warning, tech talk ahead)

At the heart of the video preview player is a SBC (single board computer) called a Raspberry Pi.  This is essentially a computer that shares much of the same architecture as a smartphone.  One of its key features is GPIO (general purpose input/output) pins.  This allows for things such as buttons to interface directly with the computer.  Using these pins, and a collection of various open source software projects, we were able to create something that allowed us to show video clips of upcoming shows and other videos.  Push a button and play a 30 to 60 second clip complete with audio.  Be sure to give it a try next time you pass by the Strand!  Below is a 

labeled picture of this system when it was still in the prototype stage.


The work continues as we are down to two panels left to upgrade to LED on our marquee.  Once that is done, the total energy to power the marquee will go from 2,575 Watts (without the chase lights) down to 318 Watts….wow!   Let’s do a little math.  The Strand pays basically $.11 per Kilowatt Hour.    The old marquee used 2.57 KwH and ran for 10 hours per night.   That would be $2.48 per night times 365 = $1031 per year.    The LED upgrade is .32 KwH for 10 hours.   That would be $0.35 per night times 365 = $129 per year.  That is quite a savings.

The chase lights make it even better!   There are 252 chase lights.  The old incandescent lamps are 11 watts each.   That is an additional 2,772 watts.   The new LED bulbs are 1 watt, so that comes down to 252 watts.    We run the chase lights for every event, generally for 4 hours.   That is 2.7 KwH for 4 hours.    That would be $1.19 per event times 150 events = $178 per year.    The LED upgrade is .25 KwH for 4 hours.   That would be $0.11 per event times 150 events = $16.50 per year.  Combined savings is over $1064 per year!   In order to be good stewards of the Strand, these are the things we must do.  Thank you Cody for these upgrades.   


LOVE AND ROCK, WOMEN IN MUSIC is August 20.  This is a FANTASTIC show.    As you can see from these emails, we have highlighted it every week.    Please make plans to see this full stage extravaganza.    Tickets are available online, at Shelbyville Paint or at the door. 

Thank you for your support.  We will be happier when we are back to a full schedule.  2023 is shaping up nicely.     Love and Rock Saturday August 20.   See you at the Strand!

LOVE and ROCK – WOMEN IN MUSIC August 20, 2022 @ 7:30pm