Newsletter – 07/29/2022

Dear Strand Fan,

This week we welcome the SOUND OF DREAMS BIG BAND to our stage. This concert will feature music of the big band era and the tunes you love from the past.  The Strand will be transformed back to a time where music flourished.  

The concert will feature local performer McKenna Hall as well as many other talented singers and musicians. We hope you can make it on Saturday, July 30, 2022. The concert starts at 7:30 PM and tickets are available at the door.


Work on the marquee has continued. The LED upgrade is now complete on three of our five panels. If you drive by at night you will notice the center panel in front is much brighter and warmer than the other two. That panel has been completed.

Both the end panels and about half of the chase lights have been replaced. This project is led by Cody Veerkamp and he has done a great job on making sure the marquee will last for many years to come while becoming more energy efficient.


Wichita Lineman was fantastic!  The setup for Wichita Lineman was a little different than we usually see at the Strand. (Warning, tech talk ahead)

Typically, the band will bring a multitude of instrument amplifiers and we would then either mic the amplifier (typical for Guitars), or possibly take a “direct” connection off of their amplifier (typical for Bass and Keyboards).  For the show last weekend, there was exactly 1 amplifier on stage that was used for the lead guitar and fiddle, but the other 2 guitars, bass, and keys all went directly from the instrument, to a DI (direct injection) box.  This had us run into an issue we had not run into before, we actually ran out of DI boxes!

The biggest difference, however, was how the show sound was mixed. Frequently, when there are several instrument amps on stage, the sound from speakers on the stage aka “stage volume” can overwhelm the sound generated by our main speakers aka “house volume”. This can force us to bring vocals for example up higher than we would like to make them match the intruding stage volume. Last weekend, in that regard was a piece of cake, we basically had 100% control of not only the mix, but the overall volume as well. Definitely an indicator top flight group.


We really hope to see you this weekend. As always thank you for your support, see you at the Strand!


LOVE and ROCK – WOMEN IN MUSIC August 20, 2022 @ 7:30pm