Newsletter – 07/15/2022

Dear Strand Fan, 


9am – Noon

The Strand volunteers will hold a work session on Saturday July 16, 2022.  We have several things we would like to accomplish.    First is to say goodbye to the rice from Rocky Horror Picture Show.   It seems to multiply!    Our leaf blower will take care of the problem, but it will still take some time to make sure we get it all.   (We thought we removed all the rice several times before too!  We’ll see how it goes on Saturday).   

Our scaffolding will make an appearance on Saturday.   We will use it to work on the marquee.   Our marquee is in the middle of an LED upgrade.   The north end panel is completed.   Saturday’s goal is the south end panel.   Cody V. will lead the effort in taking care of this project.   This is one of the more important things on our list.   The electrical cost savings due to the efficiency of the LED lamps is tremendous.   The new illumination also makes our marquee look better at night.

Bob Schlick will have a crew working in the dressing room under the stage.   It is time for carpet!   Shelbyville Paint Flooring and More donated carpet squares to complete this project.    It will be nice to get this major Covid era project finished.    There are a few other things in the dressing room, but all are minor tasks. 

Time to go on the roof.   We will be heading up to the Strand’s roof to inspect our AC units.  It has been about a month since we recharged the system and we need to make sure everything is OK.    It is also a good idea from time to time to check the roof system and skylight.    

The work session will wrap up in time for our 2pm matinee Saturday for the COMMUNITY TREASURE SERIES.    This month is an extension of our HISTORIC LOCAL FILMS program.   Please note this event will not be streamed.    The films for Saturday will include a visit to Waldron in the 1950’s and footage of the Cornstalk Concert at the Morrison Park Bandshell in the early 1980s.   The program will last about an hour.


GLEN CAMPBELL WEEKEND!   Next week we will highlight the talents of Glen Campbell.   The weekend will start with the showing of the 1969 Academy Award winning film TRUE GRIT.   This stars John Wayne as US Marshall Rooster Cogburn and Glen Campbell.   The film’s song, sung by Glen Campbell, was also nominated for an Academy Award.   

With the film being a primer, we will hear the music of Glen Campbell live on stage on Sunday July 24.   THE WICHITA LINEMAN featuring Carl Acuff, Jr. will perform all the music you know and love.   This is a very special concert and we are fortunate to present this group.   You will notice this is a Sunday night concert.   This group headlined Symphony on the Prairie in 2019.   We are thrilled to present this high caliber and talented concert here in Shelbyville!   We need you to attend, please put this on your schedule.  

SOUND OF DREAMS BIG BAND will perform Saturday June 30, 2022.  Vocalist McKenna Hall will perform with the big band.   McKenna is a local musician that you may have seen at one of her various performances at the Strand Theatre.  She also performs at events across central Indiana and in Nashville, Tennessee. McKenna studies commercial music, vocal performance, and songwriting at Belmont University.

She is currently the music director of Prismatics, a nationally ranked collegiate a cappella ensemble.  McKenna has experience in music and performance education including her role as youth choir director at First Christian Church and dance captain of various show choir and musical theater productions.  McKenna has also done her share of work behind the scenes working as a volunteer sound technician and stage coordinator.   You won’t want to miss this concert.


Tickets – Our new ticketing system continues to get rave reviews from our patrons and our volunteers.    Tickets are easy to purchase across any platform, whether  desktop or mobile.  What a difference in the buying experience!    We still provide tickets at Shelbyville Paint Flooring and More.     We are evaluating whether this will remain in effect.   We plan on going to a reserved seating model, if so the complexities of providing local tickets might be difficult.   We are working on solutions.  If you have any ideas, please let us know. 

Thank you for the support.   Your encouragement and interest keeps our volunteers enthused and eager to continue the core values of the Strand.    Lots of great events in the next few weeks.   See you at the Strand!


LOVE and ROCK – WOMEN IN MUSIC August 20, 2022 @ 7:30pm