Newsletter – 07/14/2021




9:00am – 12:00pm

Dear Strand Fan, 

One leak, two leaks, three leaks, four.   What are we doing as we keep adding more?    We now have yet another problem.

Our new concrete under the stage is covered with water.   How can that be?   We sealed the outside, fixed the gutter, and did everything to keep it dry, which it was.   This weekend we noticed the leak.   After some head stretching, we found the problem.  Our heads were getting wet (hence the scratching).   There was a drip from above.   The drip, thankfully, wasn’t from our roof.   But where?   We discovered it was the condensate line from one of the furnaces installed above the stage.   The line sprang a leak.    

This is not the first time this has happened.   The same happened in the attic above the offices and ruined a freshly plastered wall.    The route of the condensate line above the stage is less than ideal.   We are going to reroute the line into the Annex drains.   It will eliminate the problem.    Now to fix it!

The Strand Theatre recently added two members to our board.   McKenna Hall is a local musician that you may have seen at one of her various performances at the Strand Theatre.  She also performs at events across central Indiana and in Nashville, Tennessee.   McKenna studies commercial music, vocal performance, and songwriting at Belmont University.   She is currently the music director of Prismatics, a nationally ranked collegiate a cappella ensemble.  McKenna has experience in music and performance education including her role as youth choir director at First Christian Church and dance captain of various show choir and musical theatre productions.  McKenna has also done her share of work behind the scenes working as a volunteer sound technician and stage coordinator. 

Our second new member is Elizabeth Finkel.  Elizabeth is a graduate of Indiana University with a B.S. in Earth Sciences and is a geologist.   She has been an active volunteer at the Strand since 2007.  Elizabeth has volunteered in all facets of the Strand’s operations   She has led several projects including coordinating young volunteers, graphic design, and taking over the management of the theater’s social media platforms.  Elizabeth was responsible for our social media algorithm strategy during the Covid shutdown.  Elizabeth is excited to be back in the theater when it reopens!

Both Elizabeth and McKenna bring talent, youth, and diversity to our board.  We look forward to their stewardship for years to come. 

We are working on getting events in the schedule so we may reopen.  So far September and October look good, but it is a struggle to get things scheduled quickly.   We don’t quite know what our first event will be, but we will need you there!  Stay tuned.

The Strand is a member of the League of Historic American Theatres (LHAT).   Venues worldwide have been devastated by the pandemic.  The Strand is no exception.   LHAT is providing critical information as we go forward with our request for the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant (SVOG) given by the SBA.  

Joey G. at the Skyline had a big crowd.  He ran out of popcorn oil.   Funny, we had a spare, and since our popcorn machine doesn’t even have power currently, we thought we were safe in lending a helping hand…or 5 gallons of coconut oil.   The evenings are nice, visit the Skyline!

The Strand Family was sad to hear of the passing of Dave Rasche.   Dave was one of the first musicians on our stage.   He was on stage with his keyboards helping make our community better through music.   David Finkel gives the following memory of Dave Rasche:

Rockphoria took place at Christmas time. I made a request, play Snoopy and the Red Baron by the Royal Guardsmen.   Dave Racshe had given me a 45 of that tune many years before, something about “good riddance”.   I was called to the stage at the encore, not knowing why.   As I walked up on the stage, Mr. Rasche said rather pointedly  “I can’t believe I’m playing this in public.” Not knowing what was coming up I was mystified, until the downbeat!  The familiar snare drum riff started the song.   Sadly for me they didn’t play it the next night.   Those were fun times.  Dave will be missed.  

We are hard at work making sure the Strand is the best it can be.   We have some serious bumps in the road, but we are working through them one at a time.  Thank you for your support.   We look forward to being back in the saddle.   See you at the Strand!