Newsletter – 07/08/2022

Dear Strand Fan,


Last week our July Friday Night Frights presentation was the Roger Corman film THE LAST WOMAN ON EARTH (just in case you are wondering we are showing THE LAST MAN ON EARTH in September)    We got this message from a FNF regular: “Hey I won’t be able to make it tonight, taking the wife to eat I would like to buy a ticket though I went to the site and didn’t see any way to buy tickets for tonight.”    How cool is that!   The tickets for events expire just before the event, but we gave him instructions on how to accomplish the task.   Thank you Charlie!

We have a little break here in the middle of July (thanks a lot Covid).   As such, we are going to have a WORK SESSION.    We will work on Saturday July 16 from 9am to Noon.   There are several small things we need to accomplish, and several large tasks that need continuation.   Items in this list include rice.   Rice?   Do you know Rocky Horror?   Even though we cleaned thoroughly it is still everywhere.    We will pull out the secret weapon for this project…a leaf blower!    Weather dependent we will continue on our marquee LED upgrade project.   This is critical to complete as we save a tremendous amount of electricity with each panel completed.   Lastly we are going to work in the dressing room.    We have carpet squares to lay, and various little items to complete.   If you can make it we would appreciate the help!

This past week Strand director David Finkel attended the American Theatre Organ Society annual convention.    The Strand has a theater organ ready to rebuild and install.  Making sure we are connected with theaters across the country that have theater organs is very important to the success of our project.   David is also elected to that organization’s board of directors and is pleased to bring the Strand into the national theater organ conversation.   Here is David’s report from the convention:

“The 2022 American Theatre Organ Society (ATOS) convention was held in San Diego California.   This was the first in person event in 2 years.    We spent time at the Balboa Theatre listening to their 4 manual 23 rank Robert Morton organ.   The theater seats about 1300 and the organ sounded great.   Their local chapter of ATOS has a 4 manual 24 rank Wurlitzer in a church.   The organ fills the space and the artists performed wonderful music.    When in San Diego any organ adventure would not be complete without visiting the outdoor organ at the Spreckels Pavilion in Balboa Park.    Indiana native Jelani Eddington played a fantastic program that included Leroy Anderson’s Phantom Regiment march.   The week was full of excellent ideas, not only in the theater organ world, but many attendees have venues just like the Strand.    We look forward to one day hosting a concert for this event at our theater!”

Comedy:   We have three comedy shows booked for the near future.   On Saturday October 1 TODD McCOMAS COMEDY will take the stage.   It will be nice having Todd back at the Strand.   Todd writes: My standup comedy career will forever be tied to The Strand Theatre. In many ways I cut my teeth at The Strand. I’ve booked shows there, I’ve opened for some of my comedy heroes there and I recorded my album there.  I can’t wait to return on October 1st.”

On December 17 DONNIE BAKER returns.   It has been two years since Donnie has performed on our stage.   He will be here…It’s State Law!

In 2023 on February 18 we welcome COSTAKI ECONOMOPOLOUS back to the Strand.    Costaki brought us out of Covid with our first event last year.    Costaki sent us this note:

“The Strand is a gem. It has everything- great crowds, great sound, and layout. Run by good folks who get it and work hard to keep an echo of the past alive in bringing the arts to a small community.

The Strand stands as a living breathing slice of Americana. I’m proud to be a tiny part of its story.  Support this great place.”

We look forward to the biggest name (among other things) in comedy getting us off to a good start in 2023.

Tickets for all three of these shows are available on our website

Remember to stay safe.  There are lots of Strand Fans that are getting Covid.   This week we had two members of our Board get Covid (both are feeling better).  So whether you traveled to Michigan for a vacation, or went out to Waldron for fireworks, please keep yourself safe.     We appreciate your support, thank you.   See you at the Strand!


LOVE and ROCK – WOMEN IN MUSIC August 20, 2022 @ 7:30pm