Newsletter – 07/02/2021


Dear Strand Fan, 

There will be no work session this weekend.  Our group is spending time with our families celebrating our independence.    We will be back on July 10.

Uhg…things just keep getting difficult for the Strand.   First it was our roof, then it was our roof, now it is still our roof.   We did an inspection and the valley that collects all the water has failed.   We are trying to figure out a patch, but we will have to do a new roof.   Nothing like getting kicked while you are down…but so it goes. 

We had a productive work session last Saturday.  Notice the marquee?   On the front marquee we have Oscar Wilde’s iconic quote:  BE YOURSELF; EVERYONE ELSE IS TAKEN.   Isn’t that true?  The Strand is a place where you can be yourself.  

The south end of the marquee is a quote from Cervantes.   It is in Spanish and is from Don Quixote.    That book is seen as a comedy by some, and a tragedy by others.   We don’t quite know which side we are on at this point.   LA PLUMA ES LA LENGUA DE LA MENTE. (The pen is the tongue of the mind)  Editor’s note:  Is Cervantes referencing the Strand Weekly Emails?

We have OPENING SOON on the front.   This leads us to a scholarly religious discussion of how long is a day in the story of creation?  Hence, how long is soon?   We don’t know, but we hope sometime in July.   Starting the Strand is like pushing a car uphill, just when you get it going, it slides back a little.   The good news is we are booking well for October and November.    2022 booking starts in earnest mid July too.

The Strand is constantly surprised by our patrons.   This week a volunteer at the Strand did a small job and would not accept pay.   The customer instead made a $500 donation to the Strand (that was graciously accepted).   What a nice surprise. 

The weekend is filled with fun patriotic events.   Don’t forget to visit our friends at the WALDRON FREEDOM FESTIVAL.   We also have lots of live music at the bars throughout town.   It will be a good weekend to have some fun, relax, and reflect on how lucky we are that a place like the Strand can exist.

Thank you for the support, Happy 4th!   See you at the Strand.