Newsletter – 06/25/2021




(please wear a mask if not vaccinated)

Dear Strand Fan, 

Even though we are not open yet, things are getting exciting for the Strand!    Here is an update on the good things happening.

We are starting to book for the fall.   We are working with an array of wonderful performers.    It is going to be a slow start, then off to the races.   We have music, comedy, films, lectures, and community events on tap for this year.   2022 will be a FULL season starting the first week of February.    

As we prepare to open the theater several things need to be brought up to speed.   We discussed the leak in our Coke fountain.   Coca Cola Consolidated, our vendor, visited the theater and fixed the problem.   It was nothing more than a failed o-ring!   17 months of non use took its toll.   The technician told us to give them a call and they will bring our equipment out of hibernation.   That will be a good thing.   The lines need to be purged and new product installed.  Check the condition of the Coke fountain off the list!

We did a complete filter change on all 7 air handlers last week.   The filters were purchased a while ago.  Since the theater was idle, we didn’t do our annual change last year.   For the first 6 months this year we had very limited HVAC usage.    We made the change this week knowing everything is getting ready to start running again.  Normally we run all units 24/7 to keep the air fresh and circulated.    Check the furnaces and AC off the list!

We have continued to work on our sound equipment.   It has gone through all sorts of tweaks and is sounding great.   We had an annoying 60 cycle hum from our stage right channel.   We checked and checked, looked and looked, tested and tested…only to fail.   Finally we found the culprit.   A single cable in our back snake needed to be reseated.   Problem solved.   Check the sound equipment off the list!

Our projection was used for the Excel event, but only on a limited basis.    We have since tweaked that system too.    While we haven’t gotten the second projector completely tuned in, our primary projector is ready to go.   Check the projection off the list!

Now for an update on the not-so-good things that are happening.   First and foremost is our roof.  We had 6.25” of rain last week.   The roof leaked.   While not a tremendous amount of water, enough to further damage our ceiling and soak several seats.    We found the problem and will attempt to patch it at our Saturday work session.   This is getting old.  We must protect all the hard work put into the Strand, and a stable roof system is a priority.

Our stage wall brick needs tuckpointed.   Truthfully it needed tuck pointing in 1947 too, so it has been an ongoing issue.   We have had a few lovely starlings (sarcasm intended) nest between the exterior and interior brick of the west stage wall.   We are going to seal a few holes and see if we can encourage the tweeting birds to live elsewhere.   Even though the birds are not in the theater, you can hear them clearly, not a good situation for performances.    Of course, we could show Hitchcock’s “The Birds” and freak a few people…

The Strand had to do something we didn’t want to do, but it is necessary.  Our lending institution offered a 90 day deferment on our mortgage due to the pandemic.   We filled out the paperwork “just in case” in 2020.   That time has come and we implemented the deferment.   This gives us a little time to get up and going.  It was quite the process but the papers were signed today and our next mortgage payment isn’t due until September 1.

The Strand is getting ready to partner with a new ticket vendor.   Our online ticket option was a victim of the pandemic.   While we think this will be a good deal for the Strand, it takes careful consideration.  We are taking a step-up in technology, convenience, and at the same time cost.    We’ll let you know how that goes. 

The Strand looks forward to getting back to what we do.   Until then don’t forget to visit the Skyline, Studio 10, or anywhere that offers live music!   Thanks for the support, see you at the Strand.