Newsletter – 06/24/2022

Dear Strand Fan, 

Well that was fun!   Rocky Horror was last Saturday night (or should we say early Sunday morning).   Everyone had a great time.   Did you know that the Strand regularly did Midnight shows?  

Back when we started, we found that it was difficult to get our performers to keep on track with time.  Our volunteers were getting out later and later.    What was worse is the audience was losing interest in the 3+ hour concerts.    In order to get on track, we started scheduling horror movies at midnight.  This was the predecessor of what became Friday Night Frights.    

Our performers knew we had another show, and the performance times came into line.   After a few years it was no longer necessary to do the late movie, and we have been smooth sailing ever since.

It is amazing how many people know EVERY LINE of Rocky Horror.    The prop bags were fun and Transyvanian Lip Treatment shadow cast put on a fantastic show.    In our bucket list of events to host, we can not check off ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!

The Strand’s volunteers constantly amaze us.   We had 14 that stayed until 2:15 am for Rocky Horror.   The mess (and it was a big one!) was cleaned in quick fashion with the army of volunteers helping.   Thank you to all our volunteers.   As you know the Strand has NO paid staff.   Our theater is a true community effort.  


So far so good on our AC units.   After the units were recharged with 410A refrigerant, they seem to be working well.    Our contractor says the true test will be in about 6 weeks.  If any damage was done to the compressors, it should manifest itself by then.   

Thank you to all our media partners for reporting on the story.  The first to report was Giant 96 followed shortly by the Shelbyville News.   The Addison Times reported the next day.   This week Fox59 and WTHR TV Stations had stories on the theft.    The outpouring of well wishes due to these reports have made a difficult time a bit easier for all of us.   Thank you.


This week we have the 38TH INFANTRY ARMY BAND take the stage for a concert on Tuesday June 28.  Headquartered in Indianapolis, the “Pride of the Division” is the only military band in the state of Indiana. The band performs ceremonies, concerts, and parades in both military and civic capacities throughout the state.

Since its formation in 1917, the band has maintained a long and proud history with the 38th Division. The band saw action in the European theater during World War I and in the Philippines during World War II. At that time, the 38th Division became known as “The Avengers of Bataan.”

This event is FREE and open to the public.   The concert starts at 7pm.   The Strand wants to extend a special thank you to the American Legion for providing dinner to the soldiers before their concert.    


Later next week we host the Excel Center Graduation Ceremony.   On Thursday several graduates will walk across our stage to receive their hard earned diplomas.   Congratulations to all the graduates for this accomplishment and we are honored to be a part of our academic memories.



On Sunday July 24,2022 Carl Acuff, Jr. and THE WICHITA LINEMAN will perform at the Strand.   They play music of Glen Campbell and travel across the country with their entertaining show.    You might have seen them at Symphony on the Prairie in 2019.

Glen Campbell spent five decades entertaining audiences all over the world with his songs and dazzling showmanship. Now in celebration of the life and legacy of the superstar, The Wichita Lineman – A Tribute to Glen Campbell is a 90 minute show with a full band featuring songs from Campbell’s final tour and his greatest hits, this tribute band will bring his well-loved music to life once again. Carl Acuff Jr. (a 30 year entertainment veteran) along with a stellar group of musicians take you on a trip through all of Glen’s biggest hits along with the last song he ever recorded, “I’m Not Gonna Miss You”.

In conjunction with this concert the Strand will be showing TRUE GRIT (1969).  The film, starring John Wayne and Glen Campbell, is considered one of the best westerns made.    The movie will play on Saturday July 23 at 7:30pm.   Watch the movie on Saturday and hear the music of Glen Campbell on Sunday.   It will be a Glen Campbell weekend!


Things are challenging, but that doesn’t matter when we have an auditorium full of enthusiastic audience enjoying the performance on our stage!    We have you to thank for the success of the Strand.   We hope you can make it to a performance soon.  See you at the Strand.


LOVE and ROCK – WOMEN IN MUSIC August 20, 2022 @ 7:30pm