Newsletter 06/17/2020

Dear Strand Fan,



Friday June 19, 2020

6 – 8pm


We are back selling our famous Strand Popcorn.   As Strand Fan Maryann told us “We took the popcorn home, watched the scariest movie we could find, and had our own Friday Night Frights!”    What is your story?    We look forward to seeing you on Friday.  

The Strand Summer Movie Series starts next week.   We were just about to release the information on our Summer Movie Series when we had to close for the Covid pandemic.   Strand board member and owner of the Skyline Drive-In Joey Gaudin came up with a solution.  We can’t open, but he is open…have a shortened series at the Skyline.

E.T. – The Extraterrestrial

Strand Theatre Summer Movie Series


June 23, 2020

$8, $4 ages 3-11, under 3 free


3986 E Michigan Rd, Shelbyville, IN 46176

Gate opens at 6pm, movie starts at dusk

We hope to see you on Tuesday.   The concessions at the Skyline are vast!   You will love what they have to offer.    For the Strand Fans who are not from Shelbyville, the Skyline serves on tap Green River Soda, Cheerwine, and Triple X Root Beer!   They have burgers, tenderloins, and their famous Skyline Pizza.   It will be a fun movie along with a culinary cavalcade. 

** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

The past few  weeks the Strand received several very heartfelt and unsolicited donations.    We deposited $1220 in those donations on Monday.  Along with the ongoing support from the Blue River Community Foundation, we are still holding on during this very odd time in our theater’s history.

Our plans are still up in the air.   At this point we do not see how we can reopen with a normal schedule.   The end of July we have LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS for three shows.   We will use that performance to gauge the rest of our reopening.   After LSOH we are dark until the Shelby County Players’ musical BABY in September.    Most of our performers have cancelled. We are going to take baby steps in reopening in 2020.   At this point we plan to start booking for 2021 in earnest this August.   Normally 2021 would have been booked and finished by this time of the year.  

We will readily admit it is difficult.   The unknown makes it all the more frustrating.   Our volunteers are working hard to make sure the Strand stays on the downtown Shelbyville landscape for many decades to come.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

This week we did something we had to do.   In November 2019 we contracted with Beck Studios of Cincinnati to fix our movie screen.   (Warning, tech talk ahead)   Our screen is a manual screen.   It takes muscle to get it down, and 3 stout people to haul it back up.   It was getting harder and harder.   We attributed this to the age of our volunteers, getting older and older.    

The screen is a major safety issue.  Not only is it too heavy on the purchase lines, but if it accidentally slipped, it would crash against the stage.   We always clear the stage during its upward and downward movement, but we do not ever want to take a chance.    After exhausting our in-house technical whizbangery, we decided to talk to the company who installed it.   They suggested a hand crank winch custom for our screen.   We agreed and made the commitment in November for a March installation.    As you know Ohio was more strict than Indiana with their Covid measures.   Beck Studios was closed and could not send crews out.   Finally this week they said they could come to Shelbyville.

While we are certainly worried about our cash, this is one project that is fixing an extremely dangerous situation for our volunteers.   We told them to proceed.

On Tuesday Strand volunteer Bob Schlick met the crew from Beck Studios to get the job done.   Bob writes:

“As of 11:00 PM tonight, we have an operating screen winch.  We have one problem that we need to address: we have a defective pulley in the upper traveler of the screen system.   I have already told them we will replace it.  This may possibly be the reason that the screen has been so damn hard to raise.  They said “it’s no problem to install it.”  The winch has a hand crank on it now;  however, an inch and an eighth (1-1/8″) socket, and a 1/2″ cordless drill may be substituted.  It works very nicely with the drill.   I’m going to bed!”

So maybe we weren’t as old as we thought!   Thank you Bob for guiding that process.   We look forward to seeing the result when several of us are in the theater on Friday to do our popcorn sales.   Thank you Beck Studios.

We appreciate the support.   We hope you can make it to E.T. on Tuesday night.   Remember, it is perfectly acceptable at the Skyline to wear your pajamas!   See you at the Strand on Friday and the Skyline on Tuesday!