Newsletter – 06/10/2022

Dear Strand Fan,

What a week.   We have had failures all over the place.   (Warning, tech talk ahead).   Something was fishy.

When energized our AC units for the first time this season, 6 of the 7 units, installed in 2015, failed. How could that be?   Of course our units went out of warranty just a few months ago. 

This was too odd.    Then we found we had a problem with our alarm system.  One of the multiple power supplies failed.    It failed at the very same time as the AC units.   Again, we are scratching our heads.   

Like any problem at the Strand, we just work through the issues.   First we have some help from upstairs, as the weather has been very cool.  As such, even with just one balcony unit running, the auditorium was not hot.    We knew the auditorium would not stay cool under the heat load of an audience.

Ron Bush and David Finkel worked to find out what was happening.  They were joined by our retired electrician Steve Dennis.    Steve, being the smart guy that he is, said “measure the voltage at that outlet” pointing to an outlet in the balcony.    It should be 115-120 volts.   It was 152 volts!   We tested downstairs, here, there and everywhere….all 152 volts.   Steve said we lost a leg and that it was backfeeding voltage.  What was going on?   

Well Steve knew good and well what was going on and asked if we had a power failure recently.   Two weeks ago Saturday our block lost power in the morning for several hours.    This was non weather related.   We knew we lost power because all the TVs and other items were reset due to lack of power.   Our friends at Stage Left Tattoo said they just opened because there was no power.    

When the event occurred, or at least this is where it is pointing us to now, it caused a spike to go through our system.    For reasons unable to be explained by the editor of this newsletter, Steve said the breaker basically did not connect all the way after that event,  in the simplest terms.   We went to the basement where our electrical panels are located.     Steve said reset all the breakers hard off, then hard on.   We did this.   There are 2 single phase panels and 2 three phase panels.   After we did this the voltage magically was back to normal!   Wow, what a lesson in the value of experience.   

Sure enough with the voltage under control, the alarm started working again.   We think there was damage to a power supply, but all is good now.   We are going to replace the item just in case.      Next was the AC.

From no units working, we had all 4 stage compressors start after the reset.   Sadly only one condenser fan worked, so we shut the others off.    The unit that is working seems to be putting out cool.   It is being checked this morning.  There is a possibility that we had a theft of freon.   If we did indeed had a power problem, the undervoltage (Ron will have to explain that) would have caused the start capacitors in the condenser fans to fail.    We are going to check that.   

According to Cody Veercamp all our sound and video equipment is OK.  He says that equipment is more tolerant of input voltage than most things.    So far so good on that.    Bottom line is we have incurred tremendous unexpected expenses.   We will be discussing this with Duke Energy, as this was not a weather related problem.   To say this week has been stressful is an understatement.    But as of now everything seems to be nominal for this weekend’s events.  (End of tech talk!)

You know we are a theater?  We do things other than fix the broken stuff!   On Saturday we have our Community Treasure Series (CTS)  at 2pm.  This month we are showing Historic Local Films.   This is a rare matinee for the CTS.  There is a reason for this.

The Nail-Ray Family Association was formed in 1980 to research and celebrate the lives of Henry Nail & Mary (Keller) Nail and Thomas Ray & Elizabeth (Pierce) Ray, who in the early 1820’s moved with their extended families from North Carolina to Shelby County, Indiana.  They settled on a number of land grants between the Brandywine and Blue Rivers in western Addison and eastern Brandywine Townships.  

For years, their community was referred to locally as “the Ray Settlement” or “Little Carolina.”  Many members of the first, second, and third generations of this family (which also includes the family names Bass, Byerly, Campbell, Goodrich, Thomas, and Wray) are buried in the cemeteries across from the former Old Union United Methodist Church at the intersection of Boggstown Road, County Road 100 N, and County Road 350 W.

The 2022 gathering of the Nail-Ray Family Association is being held June 10-12 in Shelby County, Indiana.  Highlights will include a tour of the Strand Theatre.  The weekend gathering will culminate with a wreath-laying ceremony at the Ray/Brandywine Center Cemetery at 10:00 am Sunday, June 12, commemorating the bicentennial of the arrival in Indiana of the pioneers of our family: Hutson Ray, James Wray, John Nail, Benjamin Bass, John Byerly, and Hugh Campbell.    For this reunion the Strand booked these films this Saturday.  

During a very special Community Treasure Series this month, we’ll be taking a look at Shelbyville over the years through film and audio recordings. This 45 minute presentation will bring yesteryear to life and hopefully jog some memories of the past.

The presentation will include an audio recording of General D. Wray DePrez reminiscing about the 1890s Public Square, selections from the 1926 Wi-Hub film, Doc Barnett’s film on Shelbyville in 1937, and various scenes from 1965, 1978, 1980, 1986, and 1993.

Thank you to Alex Krach, director of the Grover Center, for preparing this program.   We all had to scramble at the end, as the original films turned out to not be available.    The event is free.  We also host the America’s Ultimate Queen Pageant this weekend.  It will be fun!

Thank you for your support.  See you at the Strand! 


LOVE and ROCK – WOMEN IN MUSIC August 20, 2022 @ 7:30pm