Newsletter – 06/04/2022

Dear Strand Fan, 

This week we have two special events.   Our Community Treasure Series continues with local films.   This event will highlight films from the Frank Gullo and Doc Barnett collections.  They have been restored and transferred by Tom Barker.    LOCAL HISTORIC FILMS will show on Saturday June 11 at 2pm.   This event is free.

The Strand got a call that a group needed a venue, quickly.   Covid saved the day…a bit.   Since it takes us months to get things through the booking process, mid-June is unusually free.    So here we go!   June 11 & 12 we are hosting a state wide competition for the AMERICA’S ULTIMATE QUEEN PAGEANT of Indiana.

America’s Ultimate Queen (AUQ) is a national-level Pageant system that offers numerous optionals to customize competition.  At AUQ, “Be your own kind of beautiful” are words they want their contestants to live by.  AUQ works to make sure contestants can customize their competition to suit their personalities. 

There are 8 different optional categories to choose from at the State level and even more for National level.   AUQ is a natural pageant, and with divisions for women ages 7 and up. The AMERICA’S ULTIMATE QUEEN state pageant will be held at the Strand Theatre on June 11 & 12.    15 amazing women from across Indiana are competing to represent Indiana at Nationals and vie for the coveted America’s Ultimate Queen title.   The public is invited to this event.   Tickets are available on the Strand’s web site. 

It was a whirlwind to put this together quickly, but the Strand came to the rescue and we look forward to hosting this event.


Did you know that Monday June 6 is National Drive-In Day?  Our own Skyline Drive-In and the Strand’s Joey G. will be hosting a special event that night.   They will be showing an advanced screening of the new documentary BACK TO THE DRIVE-IN.  This was directed by April Wright and features a look back into the history of our American heritage.    We are very fortunate to have one of the few surviving drive-ins in the state of Indiana.   Have some fun on Monday night and go to the Skyline!  The gate opens at 6pm and the food is fabulous!


The cast of Transylvania Lip Treatment (TLT) shot some promotional videos at the Strand the weekend.    Look for the videos on our social media and YouTube feeds.   They are fun!   Remember ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW is presented at Midnight on June 18.   This film will have the shadow cast of TLT on stage during the showing.   It will be fun.  Prop bags will be available. 

(Editor’s note:  Do you understand what it means to an all volunteer work crew when we say “Prop bags will be available?”    Let’s hope we can handle it!)


Next year is going to be fun.   We are putting several series together.  Once concert series will feature all local talent.  The Strand has presented 1400+ performances.   We can tell you that just because a group is from out of town, or travels from far away, does not make them any better than the wonderful talent we have in our own backyard.   We are going to feature “our own” in this concert series.  This group of musicians are talented, dedicated, and have always stepped up for the Strand.   More news as we put things together.

Check our marquee as you drive by.   It is always changing.  We love what we do, and the Strand is a labor of love for all who hold it dear.   Thank you for the support.   See you at the Strand!


LOVE and ROCK – WOMEN IN MUSIC August 20, 2022 @ 7:30pm