Newsletter – 06/04/2021




(please wear a mask if not vaccinated)

Dear Strand Fan,

It is June already!   We are excited as each day brings us closer to normalcy in our everyday lives and hopes of re-opening the Strand. 

Our work continues this weekend.   Our volunteers will be at the Strand on Saturday from 9am to Noon.  If you can help, that would be great.   We have some stud walls to build and problems to solve.  In addition we have to get the theater ready for an event!

On Thursday June 10 the Excel Center will hold their 2021 Graduation Ceremony.   We host this every year and were sad last year when it was not possible to honor the graduates in person.   In January we booked the event in June hoping things would be better…and they are!   The Excel Center staff has prepared seating charts and limited attendance.   We both look forward to seeing the students next Thursday.    

Some have asked about our stage and how we can operate until it is finished.   The answer to that is “easily.”   How quickly we forget, but for the first 8 years we had our HVAC equipment in the middle of the stage area that is now removed.   Everything performed in front of the proscenium.   While not the best, a quick check of our records showed we presented 910 performances in that time frame.  It is doable.    Our stage will be finished soon enough.   We are close, but will not let the work hold us back. 

This week will have the first event listed on our marquee in over a year.   It will feel good.   As we said before we are taking it slow and easy.  We don’t know how comfortable our audiences will be sitting next to each other.   We will also have to get our volunteer base back into performance mode.   These things take time, but we are confident we will be back to normal as time progresses. 

In the meantime we are missing out on an obvious show.   With the stage floor removed it would be ideal to have Esther Williams perform!    Sadly that can’t be done for several reasons.  (editor’s note:  You might have to look that reference up on YouTube)

Many exciting things are happening.   We will have a major show announcement next week for the fall.    Slowly but surely, step by step….

Thank you for the support.  The Strand will survive because of you.   See you at the Strand!