Newsletter – 06/04/2020

Dear Strand Fan, 

The Strand Theatre opened on March 16, 1916.   On that day the United States and Canada signed a migratory bird treaty.   Within a few years our audiences would experience the War to End All Wars, a global pandemic, a recession, and a country struggling in the postwar world.

The world was a difficult place then, and it is a difficult place now. 

Our mission focused organization stays true to what we are here to provide.   As such the Strand is blind to physical and heritage attributes.   We welcome everyone and do not judge.

We are driven by genre.   In order for us to remain successful we do not prejudge a particular style or content.   As you know, we present it all.  The freedom to express through the arts. 

Many assign stereotypes to performers and audiences.   We just don’t understand that.   Look at Andre Watts, Eminem, Charlie Pride, Johnny Winter, and Leontyne Price.   All these performers are attributed to a genre of music.   

As the Strand sits idle, we are part of the problem.   We are not open to offer an escape.   We are not open to allow you to be who you want to be.   We are not open to relieve the tension through what appears on our stage.     

The same is true for sports, movies, fairs, and other events that help us relax, recharge, and refocus.    For our volunteers the problems of the world vanish as we walk through the theater’s doors.    We too have not had the ability to participate in volunteerism, the precious engine that drives the Strand.

As we go forward whether you like classical piano, hip-hop, blues, or opera, you enjoy the music.  Nothing else matters.    That is the magic of the arts.

Stay focused on what is true, be kind and tolerant, and embrace difference.    It works for us, and we know it works for you too.

Enjoy the links to each of the performers mentioned above.  See you at the Strand! – Andre Watts – Eminem – Charlie Pride – Johnny Winter – Leontyne Price