Newsletter – 05/28/2021




(Next Week)

Dear Strand Fan, 

We are taking this week off.    We are excited to get the Strand back in operation.   While it is still over a month away, we are diligently working to get things ready.  On the bright side the auditorium is looking and feeling more and more like a theater.    We have our construction debris removed and everything is clean and mopped.    We can’t wait!

The volunteers of the Strand conduct the business of the theater in various places.   The Bookmark next to Three Sisters Books and Gifts is high on the list.   They have been closed since their recent fire.   According to Carolyn and Barbara the Bookmark will be open soon.   That is a good thing, as we need it! 

We will soon be testing all our equipment.   The theater has been dormant for a year.   The lights, projection, sound, and concessions all have items that need to be tested.   We haven’t made ice in over a year!   We are hoping for no surprises, but we will see.

This Memorial Day weekend we think of those who throughout our 105 year existence have made the ultimate sacrifice.    We hope you take a moment and visit the memorial on the Courthouse lawn.   There are more than just names on the crosses, there are stories, families, and community heritage.    Thank you to those who served as well. 

Enjoy your weekend, we certainly will.   If you have a chance, catch a show at Studio 10 or the Skyline Drive-In.  They need your patronage too.   

Thank you for your support.  See you at the Strand!