Newsletter – 05/27/2022

Dear Strand Fan, 

The pause in our schedule continues.   We will be back on June 3 with Friday Night Frights.    The bookings for the rest of the year and especially 2023 are going well.   

When we started our AC we had a failure of ALL 7 units.   The combined capacity is 35 tons.   Something is amiss that all failed at once.   That is the project for this week.    Also we lost power at the Strand.   This had nothing to do with the storms.    The outage was about 5 hours.   When the power was restored our alarm showed a failure.   There are several sets of backup batteries.  The set that powers the fire strobe power supply failed.   New batteries are installed and that problem is fixed.

Ever wonder visually what happens behind the scenes?   You read all about it here, but Strand technical guru Cody Veerkamp has started a vlog.  Not familiar with the term?  It is a social media site where you post short videos on a particular subject.   Cody has started explaining all the cool things behind the scenes at the Strand.   You will start seeing these videos on our Facebook and Instagram pages.   Thank you Cody!

Did you know the Strand is 106 years old?  Good thing our antique that takes care of the antiques isn’t much younger…  Bob S. was busy improving railings and items in our new dressing room.   Bob is in his mid 80s and still acts like a kid.   If you see Bob out front of the Strand, honk at him.

Memorial Day is this weekend.  Please take a moment and visit the lawn of the Shelby County Courthouse to pay honor to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.   We should never forget.

Have a great weekend.  Our volunteers are spoiled having the time off, but truthfully we would rather be at the Strand providing a destination for all in downtown Shelbyville.   Thank you for the support.  See you at the Strand!

Check the vlog on the link below:


LOVE and ROCK – WOMEN IN MUSIC August 20, 2022 @ 7:30pm