Newsletter – 05/23/2022

Dear Strand Fan, 

Look at our marquee.   Events on every panel, that is the way we like it!   It has been a very slow and very odd month for us.    Getting the Strand back in action takes time, and the loll we are experiencing was expected, but not wanted. 

In order to book shows at the Strand there are a myriad of details.   Even the simplest of events take hours of planning, coordination with the performer or user, volunteer management. ,and the list goes on and on.    We would love to snap our fingers and be busy, but that is not the case.  

We started booking the last week of February.   We did some easy things straight out of the gate.   As we get more into the groove, the events take more planning and more time.    Fortunately we are going to get a little busier, but not where we would like to be.   A normal month for us has 14+ events.    We will get there, it just takes time. 

June will be a fun month.   Here is a description of the first half of the month. 

We kick things off with Friday Night Frights on June 3.   TARANTULA (1955) will be on the big screen.   This movie has really big spiders!  One of the oddities of this film is it is the first on-screen (uncredited) appearance of Clint Eastwood.   He plays the jet squadron leader.   He accomplishes a very important task in the film, but you will have to see it to find out!  The balcony will be open. 

Our COMMUNITY TREASURE SERIES will feature historic local films.   The films will be from the collection of Frank Gullo filmmaker.   This event is a 2pm matinee on Saturday June 11.

RUSTY SHIPP takes the stage on June 18.  True to their name, Rusty Shipp has created a sound known as Nautical Rock ‘n’ Roll. Characterized by its dark, underwater sound, haunting vocals, and unconventional, heavy riffs, the music is a perfect fusion of grunge and surf rock, though it is most memorable for the Beatlesque chord progressions and vocal melodies at the core of every song. The band strives to bring the listener into a multi-dimensional, artistic experience that integrates music, narrative story-telling, illustration, and video to create a voyage into their underwater, WW2-era world of sci-fi machines and conspiracy theories, all to the tune of the catchiest melodies you’ve heard since bands like Nirvana and Foo Fighters. This is an event that was postponed during Covid, and we are thrilled to finally welcome this Nashville based band to the Strand’s stage. 

ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (1975) will be shown on June 18 at the Strand.   It will start at the traditional time of MIDNIGHT.    This film is a cult favorite and has been a late night destination for over 45 years.   The movie will be shown in its entirety.   What makes this special is the stage of the Strand will be utilized by Transylvanian Lip Treatment (TLT).   TLT is a performance group that provides live action on stage that mimics the film.    This is known as a “shadow cast.”   The performers will perform word for word, action for action along with the actors on screen.  This is a seriously fun event!   

The evening will start at 11:30pm with the Virgin Sacrifice.   A “virgin” is anyone who has not been to see Rocky Horror Picture Show.   This is a silly event that initiates the newbies into the family of Rocky Horror.    As a shadow cast event, dressing up as your favorite character is highly encouraged.   It adds to the drama of it all.   (David F. had been told he has to be Brad!)

Prop Bags will be available.   What is a prop bag?   During the film, when an action takes place on the screen, the audience participates.   One of the most well known events is throwing rice during the wedding scene!    (The Strand will only allow prop bags downstairs, not in the balcony!)

This is a first for the Strand.   We have resisted RHPS in the past, but had to give in to the allure of the event.   In actuality we could not do this before.   During Covid we installed a new projection system for our small screen that flies behind the proscenium.   We also have new lighting that can light the stage (cast) without spilling light onto the screen.  Bourbons and Brews will provide the bar.  It will be a hoot!

We will get back on schedule with the Friday morning launch of our weekly emails.   We have to limit our words, as there is a 6000 character limit!    As always thank you for the support.  The Strand is a fun place and we hope to see you at the Strand!


LOVE and ROCK – WOMEN IN MUSIC August 20, 2022 @ 7:30pm