Newsletter – 05/22/2020

Dear Strand Fan, 

Wow!  We are humbled by the support for our Drive-Up Popcorn events.   The past two weeks we did over $2800 combined sales.   Many Strand Fans bought popcorn ($5), gave us $20 and said “Keep It!”   Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

We popped a lot of popcorn.   We had to make a visit to our supplier for more boxes and the all important Pure Coconut Oil.   They were closed (they service theaters) and had to make a trip to their warehouse to meet us.   All worked out well. 

We will be taking a break for a few weeks on our Drive-Up Popcorn, but will let you know when it will return.   Again, thank you for the support.

Did you notice a little road construction downtown?   Well, maybe more than a little.   After watching the traffic on Friday night during our popcorn event, we were amazed at the number of people that didn’t read the signs.   We put BE CAREFUL NEW TRAFFIC PATTERN on our south marquee.   Hopefully that will help get people to notice.   The Strand fully supports the improvements and it will be great for our theater.

Our north marquee sprouted EAT MORE POPCORN.  Thank you Jodi O. for that suggestion.

The Strand had to make a trip to the Shelbyville Board of Works this week.   It was critical for safety that the parking spaces from the marquee north (only 2) remain free for the popcorn sales.   It was extremely dangerous last week when both spaces were occupied.

Thank you to Dave Wachtel and Stage Left Tattoos (our neighbor) for the generous donation.  They gave us the donation before our event tonight.   It is nice to have a nice neighbor and Dave certainly gets it.  

We had to turn on our AC this week.  It is important to keep the humidity out of the theater and off our 100 year old plaster.    It is an expense, but one we must have.    Vectren changed our gas meter this week, so we were on hand to make sure everything worked well.  Considering we have no pilot lights, it was easy!

Thank you for the support.    Since we don’t know when we will see you, we’ll leave you with EAT MORE POPCORN!