Newsletter – 05/15/2020

Dear Strand Fan, 


FRIDAY MAY 15, 2020


Just pull up in front of the Strand and our volunteers will satisfy your craving with our excellent Strand Popcorn.    The first 100 people will get not only a super cool flyer that links to all the new Strand swag, but you will also get a FREE ADMISSION PASS to the Skyline Drive-In.  How cool is that?!    Thank you to the Skyline and Strand Board member Joey G. for that generous coupon.

We hope to sell a lot of popcorn.  It will be a huge help to us, as it will be the first revenue we have had in 2 months.    We take cash and credit cards.   We will process your card curbside. 

(warning, tech talk ahead)  We have been upgrading our data infrastructure for the past 2 years.  Designed by Strand Board member Cody V., these changes were nice…until now.   They are a critical piece of the puzzle that will allow the Strand to survive.   It started with our WIFI.   Cody placed Access Points (APs) throughout the theater.   Our signal is strong everywhere.   Cody also placed an AP that would cover outside.   Bingo!  This allows us to take credit cards under the marquee.   Our network is locked tight as a drum, and we have a rackful of firewalls to support the security.   

The upgraded fiber everywhere in the theater also allows us to more effectively stream video over the network.   Just before the pandemic Cody finished our new streaming system.  This will be used for our Facebook Live events and many other things.   Again, this is just in time since to remain relevant we need to bring what is on our stage into your homes.     Our 104 year old theater is full of the newest coolest gadgets.   Thank you Cody!

We are looking at procedures to safely reopen the Strand when that time comes.   Fortunately our industry is producing excellent guidance for theaters like ours.    We will carefully consider all options, formulate a plan, train our volunteers, and communicate to our audience.   We hope to be back by the end of July, but time will tell. 

Do you want your clever saying on our marquee?  Reply to this email and put your suggestion in the mix.   Only Bill W. knows what is up next, so we all wait and see.  It has been fun.    LIFE IS A SONG…SING IT

Thank you to all who purchased tumblers and T-shirts.  Every bit helps and we love seeing the Strand’s logo around town. Thank you to Dean Cleaners who provided twist ties for our popcorn sales.  Thank you to the many people who share our social media posts.   Small things like that make a huge difference to our theater.  We hope to get our volunteers active again soon.   Until then please stay in touch.    

Thank you for the ongoing support.  See you at the Strand tonight for popcorn!