Newsletter – 05/14/2021

Dear Strand Fan, 

There is NO work session this weekend.  We will be back in action on Saturday May 22, 2021.   

This week our newly poured concrete finally cured.  It looks fantastic.   Now that the floor is finished, the rest of the stage project can proceed.   We have a solid design for the dressing rooms.   It includes an area for privacy to dress (not that actors need or want that!) plus several lit dressing tables.    We will also install a curtain down the center to divide the space in half.   This will be for larger productions to have a men’s and women’s side.   Each is accessible with its own stairs too. 

The staircase for the crossover is designed, and Bob and David are looking forward to building it.   It will be relatively easy, very sturdy, and a perfect fit.    Many years ago we received lockers and cloak racks from the old Hilton Hotel that was being razed for the new Community Hospital North.   All those items will now be used!    Time to clean and shine the components, and they will make a trip to the new dressing room.

You might read in the news that the CDC is sending mixed signals on what is acceptable and what is not.   While that is all well and good, the Strand just can’t say “let’s open next week”  It takes a tremendous amount of planning for even the simplest performance.   At this point we are still looking at possibly starting the end of June.   We would do just a few events in July and August.   We will ramp up from September on, with the hopes of presenting a full schedule (150+ performances) in 2022.   

Our roof repair is still holding.   We did our first cleaning for the Strand, and it looks like a theater again!    Thank you to all the volunteers who worked through the week to get this project done.   Every floor was mopped, that is no easy task.

We had no winners on the marquee question last week, so we will keep the line up for another week.    Let us know the author and play.   Act and Scene would always be bonus points!

Thank you for supporting the Strand.   We wonder if this is how the theater’s staff felt in 1919.  See you at the Strand.

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