Newsletter – 04/29/2022

Dear Strand Fan, 

It’s nice to be back.   We are at performance 3 of 5 this week.    We started with Poetry Night presented by Three Sisters Books and Gifts.    This event is in conjunction with our local poetry contest and national poetry month.    We generally sit in the Cabaret Area as it is a more intimate setting.    Guess what?  We needed more chairs!   30 people attended the event.   That is fantastic, but nothing compared to the excellent poetry we heard.   Thank you to all who attended.   The Strand has already received requests for another poetry night.

Last night the Shelbyville High School Jazz Band took the stage for their annual concert.   We missed them the past two years and hearing the music Thursday reminded us why.   Director Allison Anderson had great selections for the 27 member band to play.    It was a great time.

Tonight we continue with the 1991 Oliver Stone Film THE DOORS.   This stars Val Kilmer and Meg Ryan.    A patron last night told us he had seen the film dozens of times, but never in the theater.   He gave it rave reviews and said it was a great way to get ready for the concert on Saturday.   We couldn’t agree with him more!

Saturday at 7:30pm Retrovention takes the stage in THE DOORS: A TRIBUTE.   This concert is focused solely on the music of The Doors.   We hope you can attend. 

5th of 5 events will be the RUSH COUNTY CHORAL performing on Sunday at 2:30pm.   We look forward to their concert at our theater.   


We will use our new drum riser on Saturday night.   Strand board member and tech guru Cody Veerkamp turned to carpentry.    We had discussed the need for a riser now that the stage is flat.  Next thing you know, there it is, ready to use.  Thank you Cody. 

Cody installed a very sophisticated video streaming and recording system.  You have seen this in action for our lectures.    While we only stream a few things, we are working on protocols for archival recordings of our events. This will be video and audio.   While it doesn’t seem that important to us now, in 80 years there will be a treasure trove chronicling our community. 


We would like to thank VERTICAL RESPONSE.  They are our email vendor and provide the service free-of-charge as a donation to the Strand.   It is a very complex system that does a great job of managing our Weekly Newsletters.   We learned something new this year.  There is a 6000 character cap.    Time to get less wordy, but that is difficult to do.

We hope you can spend some time with us and experience everything that is great about our community, poetry was a testament to that.    Thank you for the support.   See you at the Strand!