Newsletter – 04/02/2021


9am – Noon

Please wear a mask

Dear Strand Fan, 

We had fun last week.   It was the most productive work session of the year.   We hope to continue the trend on Saturday.    Just when we thought we were done clearing out under the stage, our technical advisor told us “not so fast.”   The north side of the basement had to be cleared another 3”.   Removing dirt is on the agenda ahead!   Slowly but surely the project is taking shape. 

Also on the docket is starting to clean the auditorium.   The last of the construction debris was removed and the floor and seats need a deep cleaning.    We hope to start that on Saturday too.

Our stage structure had a change of plans  (warning, tech talk ahead).    Our technical advisor specified we install a steel beam to carry the load of the stage floor near the electrical panels.   Our trusty volunteer Bob Schlick did some thinking…this is a dangerous thing.   Bob thought “Why wrestle with 390# steel beam when we could support it with wood?”    So Bob pitched his idea to our advisor.   After some very brief head scratching, the response was basically “why didn’t we think of that before?”    The work on installing the banding and joist hangers will start soon.   Once that is in place the joists will go quickly.    Our floor will soon be a reality!

We will be at the Strand on Saturday from 9am – noon.   If you can help, please wear a mask and if you have gloves, that will help.    Curious on the work, stop in and say hello.  We love showing what has been accomplished.    

Last week we had a little help…literally.   We had a volunteer under the age of 10.   He was eager and a great worker.   Fearless too.   As such, we took the opportunity to have him go the length of the tunnel under the auditorium to check it out.    To be honest we only traverse the tunnel when absolutely necessary.   It is a tight fit, but not for him!    We love help of all ages.

Work had continued in our projection booth.   Cody V. installed the 70v paging amplifiers in the new rack.   Our electrician Darrell Riggs finished installing the power necessary to run everything.   Cody is a kid in a candy store being able to energize all his play toys.    Below is a picture of the rack with the amplifiers.    Thank you Cody and Darrell. 

Currently the vaccine rate in Indiana is about 16%.   We are all thinking about reopening and how that will look.  The Strand stays in touch with Studio 10 and the Skyline Drive-in, as they too face what we face.   Joey G. has it the easiest at the Skyline, drive-ins are inherently socially distanced.    Chris from Studio 10 has to deal with capacity restrictions like us.   We are all in a wait and see mode.   The Skyline and Studio 10 are open.   We are making plans for this summer.  We hope things hold together without another wave so we can do that. 

David Finkel from the Strand was on WSVX Giant 96 about the prospects of opening and the challenges ahead.   Johnny McCrory asked questions about the future.  You can listen to the interview here:  ShelbyCountyPost

We hope you can join us on Saturday to either help or just to take a look.   Thank you for all the support.   It is difficult but better days are ahead.   See you at the Strand!