Newsletter – 03/26/2021


9am – Noon

Please wear a mask

Dear Strand Fan, 

Spring has sprung!   Thank goodness.    It is hard to believe it has been over one year since we held our last performance.   You will see our marquee change to #darkoneyear.    It is sad, but there is a light at the end of the Covid tunnel.  

First things first, we need to finish our stage.   The work session Saturday is pivotal.   We need to complete the debris removal under the stage so that we can install the floor.    This requires LOTS of people.   Fortunately we have several that have told us they are attending, but we could use more.    We don’t have much to remove, but it just takes time.   Thank you to the Shelby County Commissioners who are allowing us to use their dumpster. (literally out the back door of the Strand!)   It will make a huge impact on our ability to complete the task. 

If you can attend, please wear a mask.   Gloves are always good to have for this type of work.  While we have several pairs, we hope to have more people than gloves available!    As always if you would like to see what is going on, please stop in and say hi.   

Local businesses are all coming to grips, just like us, the enormity of the closure for Covid.   While we are completely closed, many have been on limited capacity and hours.    Charity Elliott, owner for Just Peachy Cafe expressed the heartache we all felt at that time.  Below is an excerpt from her blog (used by permission):

March 16, 2020…. The restaurant was packed. Every seat was full. I think I even gave a customer a hug when she came in. Then our Governor dropped the bomb on us. Every restaurant in Indiana was required to shut their dining room doors and function on carry out only starting the next day. Just Peachy was 2 days shy of celebrating 4 months of business. When opening, I just kept saying if I could make it through winter, I’d be good. Then COVID gets thrown in there too? Restaurants that had been in business for years were falling. It was terrifying. I had only been open 4 months.

My staff went home to not return until May. My mom, best friend, her kids, and my kids all ran the restaurant for the next 2 months on carry out only. Prices of supplies sky rocketed, while other items just couldn’t be ordered. BUT.. the support from our community was amazing. 

For the Strand, the support from our community is amazing.   We are looking forward to coming out the other side and doing what we love to do.   Our second century will be even better than our first, 105 years and counting.

Thank you for the support.   See you at the Strand!