Newsletter – 03/25/2022

Dear Strand Fan,

BUDDY HOLLY this weekend.  The festivities start tonight Friday March 25, 2022 with the 1978 movie THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY starring Gary Busey.

On Saturday March 26m 2022 Kenny James and Rave On will take the stage for a BUDDY HOLLY TRIBUTE.   This live concert event will feature the music from Buddy Holly and the era.    You can purchase tickets in advance online, at Shelbyville Paint or at the door.   Come join us for great entertainment in Downtown Shelbyville.

It’s no April fools that Friday Night Frights returns on April 1, 2022 with the 1971 film LADY FRANKENSTEIN.   This FNF favorite the film is described as part of the golden age of Italian horror’s gothic period.   The movie starts at 7:30pm and tickets are available at the door. 

On Thursday April 7 the 2022 STRAND LECTURE SERIES begins.  The title of this year’s series is Understanding Local Government.    “What Is School Board Governance?” is the title of the night’s lecture.  Steve Horton, Director of Board Services for the Indiana School Board Association will be presenting.  The lecture is free and will begin at 7pm.  For those who cannot attend in person, the Strand Lecture Series events are broadcast on Facebook Live. 


This week we hosted our first Community Treasure Series event.   A celebration and look back at the 1947 State Basketball Champion Shelbyville Golden Bears.    The evening was magical with memorabilia, stories, and video from that time.    1947 team member Don Chambers (picture below) was on hand giving us a first hand account of that incredible time.    You can still view the event in its entirety on our Facebook site.   

Work is wrapping up on our construction projects.   The ceiling grid is installed in the dressing room under the stage.   The completed project is a major upgrade from our pre-renovation dressing room.  

Our data system upgrade and related items got their first test this week.

(Warning, tech talk ahead) The Strand’s streaming is done with open source software called OBS Studio, the same software popularized by many Twitch gaming streamers.  A PC back in the Cabaret takes in video from up to 4 sources, a webcam on top of the monitor is most basic, but we also have a PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera on the House Right side of the balcony.  Another camera is on a tripod, and can be positioned based on whatever additional camera angle(s) are needed.  Final input comes from our new projection system, so that anything projected on our screens can be displayed directly on the online stream (with a recent addition to the projection system allowing for video signals to come all the way from the stage podium too).

Currently we stream through Facebook, but our OBS Software has options for most major streaming platforms.  The software allows for static imagery and other resources local to the Streaming PC to be displayed (i.e. the Strand title card we use).  Sound for the stream is captured directly from our main soundboard, and ran through a smaller mixer at the PC.  The signal is then connected via USB.   It is a complex system that had a good run during our Community Treasure Series this week.   

The weeks remain busy and booking is steady.  Thank you for supporting the Strand.   Please help us by attending an event.   We are thrilled to bring back live entertainment to downtown Shelbyville.    See you at the Strand.