Newsletter – 03/18/2022

Dear Strand Fan, 

Thank you, thank you!    Last Saturday we had our first large audience since February 2020.   It felt great to see the auditorium full.   Heywood Banks was funny, and everyone had a great time. 

Tuesday March 22, 2022 we restart our Community Treasure Series.   This series is produced in partnership with the Grover Center.    Our “conversations in local history” topic this month is the 1947 Shelbyville High School Golden Bear State Basketball Championship.    This is the 75th anniversary since the win at Butler (Hinkle) Fieldhouse.  

The evening will feature video and audio highlights as well as memorabilia and news clippings from that remarkable year. Don Chambers, one of two surviving members of the championship team, will be among those in attendance to provide insight and recount memories from the historic season and tournament run. Additional contributors will discuss the significant social and community impact of this monumental, improbable achievement.

Shelbyville upset East Chicago Washington in the state semi-final and then went on to defeat the previously unbeaten Terre Haute Garfield in the evening contest to capture the 1947 state championship.  Come join the conversation and share your memories.   Please bring your memorabilia for others to enjoy.   Below is a card signed by both Bill Garrett and Indiana University coach Branch McCraken.    This was sent to us by a Strand patron; what do you have at home?

The event is free and starts at 7pm.   Can’t make it to the Strand?  That’s OK as we will be streaming the event live on our Facebook site.   Come celebrate Shelbyille’s penultimate event at the Strand.

It has been warm and springlike this week.   Not so on Saturday night.   Our auditorium was cool.   We were aware of the issue.  In our rush to bring the Strand out of hibernation we did not have the time to prepare our AC units to run on a 21° evening.   Our theater requires the AC year round to help balance the auditorium with our heating system.   Heat rises, so in the winter the heat downstairs makes the balcony hot.  We run the AC to cool the balcony from the heat of the auditorium, even on a 21° night.   We could not run the AC, so we kept the downstairs at 68°, not our normal 72°.   Hopefully it will be the appropriate temperature during your next visit, as our volunteers and equipment will be more in the swing of things after more than two years with no audience!


Our Buddy Holly Tribute weekend kicks off on Friday March 25 with the showing of the 1978 movie THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY.   This film features Gary Busey who was nominated for an Oscar for his performance.   Did you know the actors did their own singing and played their own instruments for this film?   It is a great way to learn about Buddy Holly and get ready for the music to follow. 

On Saturday March 26 the Strand welcomes back Kenny James as BUDDY HOLLY.  This tribute concert will feature all the music you know and love.   This high energy live music event will fill the Strand with the music we love.   Tickets are available in advance at Shelbyville Paint Flooring and More and online at our website    You can also purchase tickets at the door.   The concert starts at 7:30pm.   We hope to see you there!

Our renovation work continues.   The dressing room is painted and the ceiling grid will be installed today.   Slowly but surely we are finishing the last of our punch list items.   A huge thank you to Pat Turner of PET Construction for his continued support.

There will be no work session this week.   We are taking a week off.

We are happy to be back doing what we do.   The Strand is a place for everyone.   We hope you can attend and make a memory at the Strand.   Thank you for the support, see you at the Strand!