Newsletter – 03/12/2021



9:00 – Noon

Please wear a mask

Dear Strand Fan,

We are once again doing our work session Saturday morning from 9 AM to noon. We are working diligently to get a myriad of projects finished.  If you would like to help please come stop by.  If you would like to take a look you can do that too!  Either way please wear a mask.

This past week we were successful in getting our second data rack for the projection booth. This rack will hold our 70 Volt paging system amps. Saturday we will move all those amplifiers from the annex to the projection booth. It will be an easy job with the exception of digging them out of the annex!

We are slowly but surely getting ready for our floor in the dressing room under the stage. We took out a plethora of bricks last week and will continue that work this week.  

Have you been vaccinated? We are thrilled that one by one our volunteers are getting vaccinated. This is an important step in the process of restarting our economy and in our case our theater, open and back in operation.   When that will be, we do not know.  We are hoping this summer.

The weather is a bit cold on Saturday so we will not be able to sojourn onto our roof to patch the cracks caused by the cold weather and snow.   That is not a difficult job, but the more people we have the easier it is. In order to get to the roof you have to climb a ladder through the scuttle hole that leads to the roof.  Also when working with roofing patch, you will get dirty. We haven’t seen anyone yet be able to do the work by staying pristinely clean.  We are hoping for more cooperative weather next Saturday.

Did you know the Skyline Drive-In is open? If you want to enjoy some social distanced entertainment, visit Joey G. and enjoy some of their fantastic concessions.  Don’t forget our friends at Studio 10 have started showing movies again.  They too are taking all the precautions necessary.

Thank you for the support.   See you at the Strand!