Newsletter – 03/11/2022

Dear Strand Fan, 

At long last the Strand emerges from hibernation.   Saturday night March 12 we host Heywood Banks.   There are plenty of tickets left.   You can purchase tickets locally at Shelbyville Paint Flooring and More, or online at    We don’t anticipate a sell-out, so just come the night of the show!    

This comedy show is the largest attended live performance since February 8, 2020.  Hip Hop artist Trizzy performed that cold February evening.  Little did we think that it would be over 2 years to welcome a 200+ audience back to the Strand.   

The time is here.   We have the theater almost ready and our volunteers look forward to getting back in the swing of events.   Will it be easy on Saturday night?  No.  Two years is a long time between gigs.   We are a bit rusty and quite honestly a little nervous.



9am – Noon

There is plenty to do in order to get the theater ready.   We are also going to try to paint the dressing room.   If you are curious what we have done, please stop in and say hello!


This week the Strand has continued our 2022 booking.   We are excited about the upcoming shows.   Slowly but surely all the information is being uploaded onto our social media and web sites.    Our new ticketing system will also have ALL events.   Even the free events will be listed.   This is a huge improvement.   We will let you know when everything is ready. 


The process has started on our next renovation phase.   Why not?  We’re in practice.   Initial designs are almost done.  Then the process of submitting plans to the State for a Construction Design Release.   We need to keep moving forward. 


The Community Treasure Series is back!    The Grover Center partners with us and we are presenting 6 installments in 2022.

March 22 – 1947 SHS Basketball Championship

April 13 – Building Shelby County

May 11 – Public Square History 

June 11 – Historic Local Films

July 16 – Historic Local Films

August 10 – Strand Orchestra Music from 1916

All events are at the Strand Theatre with the first three also being live streamed.  


Our upgrades for the sound and projection equipment are almost done.  Board member Cody Veerkamp has led the charge on these improvements.    Below are some pictures of his handiwork.

Painting continues.   Board member Jodi O’Neill painted the proscenium and back stage.   She isn’t afraid of anything!   Below is Jodi at the top of the scaffolding and down in the basement. 

HEYWOOD BANKS – SATURDAY NIGHT!   Plenty of tickets available, before the show and at the door.    It will be a fun and funny evening.  Thank you for the support.  See you at the Strand!