Newsletter – 03/05/2021



Please wear a mask

Dear Strand Fan,

Work Session SATURDAY MARCH 6, 2021.  9am – NOON.   Please wear a mask. 

Here is what we hope to accomplish with this work session.   Last week we started removing junk and construction debris.   This week we will continue that process.   We also need to do an initial mopping of the auditorium floor.   It is a mess from the roof leak. 

We are adding a second data rack in the projection booth.  This is being graciously donated by Compass Insurance, Gary and Michelle Nolley.   We will take a crew of to their office to remove the rack and relocate it to the Strand.

At the same time we will be working, as best we can, on brick removal under the stage.   This is dependent on the number of volunteers we have on Saturday.     As always PLEASE feel free to stop by and take a look.  There are interesting things going on inside the Strand.   This unexpected pause in our operations has been put to best use.

IMPORTANT:   We need about 4 volunteers to help repair our leaking roof.   This can be done on any day of the week.   If you are interested, please reply to this email or call 317-395-3318.   It isn’t hard work, but takes a few to accomplish it in a timely fashion.

March 8 marks the 1 year anniversary of being dark.   (“Dark” is theater term for when a venue is not in use).   We look forward to a safer time when we can slowly start to get back into the groove of performances.    

Thank you for the support!  See you at the Strand.