Newsletter – 03/03/2023

Dear Strand Fan, 

SOUNDS OF SUMMER:  BEACH BOYS TRIBUTE CONCERT this Saturday night!   We look forward to welcoming back the Sounds of Summer for the first time since 2019.   There are plenty of tickets available.   You can purchase tickets online or at the door.   This will be a fun time, and with all the warm weather this week it will put us in the summer mood.   We hope to see you at the Strand on Saturday night.  Doors open at 7pm and the performance starts at 7:30pm.

Last week we told you about our Digital Cinema Projection opportunity.   The Blue River Foundation and a few private donors have most of the funds needed to complete the project.   A group of volunteers is going to Kentucky to get the system on March 7.  We anticipate it will take us a few months to get everything installed and certified.    The installation will be done in-house.   We have continued to find issues, but none that we cannot overcome.   Thank you for the tremendous support!

Next week we host the Shelbyville Central Schools Aspire Awards on Wednesday March 8.  The program recognizes students with disabilities, support staff and teachers who support students with disabilities.   It will celebrate these individuals from all across the Shelbyville Central Schools district.  The event is free and open to the public.

The Aspire Awards program will be recognizing SCS students and staff in the following


The Bear Strong Award recognizes students with disabilities who show courage in taking on

new challenges.

The Dream Chaser Award recognizes students with disabilities who set long-term goals for

themselves and are true go-getters.

The Unified Leadership Award recognizes a pair of students (one disabled and one non-

disabled peer) who have created a strong friendship with each other and value each other’s


The Super Support Staff Award recognizes SCS support staff who go above and beyond to

support students with disabilities.

The Educator Award recognizes SCS teachers who create meaningful opportunities for

students with disabilities in their classrooms.

The Hal and Sam Gambrel Award recognizes a community member or organization that

advocates for the participation of students with disabilities in extra-curricular activities.

The Don Collins Award recognizes a community member or organization that supports

inclusive practices in our schools and community.

This is the first time the Strand has had the honor of hosting this event.   We hope you can come support the wonderful students and staff that make a difference!

We are looking forward to the Sounds of Summer.   Tomorrow at 7:30pm, plenty of tickets are available.   Thank you for your support.   The Strand continues to be a haven for the arts in downtown Shelbyville because of you.   See you at the Strand!